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  1. My goodness

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    All of this is the fault of Hamas
    Nah. According to Shade, it is always Israel's fault because they're Jewish.
    Again just insanity.

    Are the jewish people calling for people and protesting their own government anti-semetic?

    Tel-aviv is having to break up daily protests because their own people are disgusted with dead women and children.
  2. Lamar is even better than we realize.

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    Did Lamar Jackson also keep Todd Monken from using 12 personnel more than 6 times and is personally responsible for Pat Ricard not being on the field?

    How much power does Lamar have and what does Monken do if that is the case?
    I think this is what hurts the argument, the snap counts and personnel packages. Justice Hill had twice as many snaps as Gus, and we all know they prefer Hill as a pass blocker vs Edwards. Ricard, who they love using ...
  3. OT: The Beer Guy - RIP

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    Many of us on football days sit down and enjoy the game with a cold beer. Many of the breweries we know owe a debt of gratitude to Dave Alexander. Dave once held the Guinness Book of World Records for having the widest variety of beers at one location, the Brickskeller in Washington, DC. Dave passed away yesterday.

    Dave, in fact, helped Stone, Dogfish, Sierra Nevada, and countless other breweries; many of the microbreweries today would not be as prevalent were it not for Dave's staunch
  4. Game Thread: Baltimore Ravens @ Arizona Cardinals — Week 8 – Sunday, October 29th, 2023 - 4:25 PM (EDT)

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    Remember, this team flew to London and played a game, flew back to the US and played a game, then flew from the east coast to the west coast and played a game. I doubt any team has more travel miles the last 3 weeks than the Ravens. They could have simply been jet lagged.

    Let's just be happy about the win. Every team is a pro team and these same Cardinals beat the Cowboys this season and went toe to toe with multiple other teams
    You know what, when I made my prediction,
  5. A Plausible Prediction

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    I just hate the fact that Lamar is in essence holding the front office hostage. We are at his mercy and essentially in holding pattern while other teams have gotten dramatically better.

    Does he have no sense of team at all? Or is his attitude "pay me what I want and I'll be a team guy, if not, screw you"?

    It’s a spoiled brat taking his ball (or in this case his pen) and going home because he wants his way and can’t get it.
    He is a team player
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