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  1. Mr. Suggs, Tom is coming Christmas!

    [QUOTE=bt12483;721369][QUOTE=Firststater;721347]Brady and the bunch may have come for Xmas, but Suggs was on the bench much of the time: 2nd and 7, he is on the bench; 2nd and 8, he is on the bench. What is this guy getting paid for on this team?[/QUOTE]

    Something has to be up.

    He gets that fake ass sack when Brady went fetal and danced, down 20-0.

    He looks and acts like he doesn't really care.[/QUOTE]

    He just wants to go make movies. ...
  2. The Baltimore Ravens should heavily pursue a new OC and DC for 2014.

    [QUOTE=Ravenswintitle;721365]if you guys have the stomach, watch the SNF game tonight and take a look at these offenses. Both get pretty creative. We have to do something with our offensive scheme next year IMO. Maybe Caldwell can pull it off with an offseason to install the new system, I don't know. But it can't be what we had this year.

    Sent from my iPad using [URL=]Tapatalk[/URL][/QUOTE

    Yea, that makes sense, keep the OC we ...
  3. Horrible play this season is done !!!!

    [QUOTE=Ravenswintitle;721290][QUOTE=jjmccraven;720547]Some of the worse play in the NFL this year. Typical, no run game , lack of any type of imagination when it comes to route running ( do the Ravens know any other types of routes to run then the bomb?), no pass rush, and lack of any imagination or smarts when it comes to coaching on defense or offense ..... the season is finished. The Ravens have lots to repair for next year. [B]Mike Preston should give them "F" across the board[/B].[/QUOTE] ...
  4. Horrible play this season is done !!!!

    [QUOTE=Spider Webb;721173][QUOTE=GOTA;721153]To play this flat in a game as important as this one is just pathetic.[/QUOTE]

    As much as I want the Ravens to go 19-0 every single season I watch the games to see good play. If we play well and lose so be it.

    Today was pathetic. I've never been more disappointed of our team. Our coaching staff just got punked.[/QUOTE]

    Our coaching staff has got to be some of the most stupid in the NFL.
  5. Horrible play this season is done !!!!

    [QUOTE=GOTA;721153]To play this flat in a game as important as this one is just pathetic.[/QUOTE]

    I know, its called "they just want to collect a pay check" day and go home. Maybe Suggs should peruse his film making career next year because he sure doesn't want to play in the NFL.
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