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  1. Blacks let the Greens hear it loudly Fire Greg Roman

    [QUOTE=JonAB;2349686][QUOTE=JimZipCode;2349570][B]2013 Seahawks[/B].

    [B]2014 Seahawks[/B] [I]failed[/I] to win the SB by not giving the ball to Marshawn.

    [B]2015 Broncos[/B] won with Peyton's arm having fallen off and Brock Osweiler sucking. They rode their defense and run game.

    [B]2017 Eagles[/B] won on the back of an all-RPO game plan. They didn't punt at all in the SB! Their leading receiver on the year was TE Zach Ertz: they had no pass-catcher ...
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