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  1. Early Ravens Regular-Season Prediction Thread

    I did this exercise and came out with about 10 expected wins
  2. NBA Playoffs

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    First half is almost over and Wizards are up by 15

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    Wow... Wiz dogged this one, that's the series.
  3. RSR 2014 NFL Mock Draft - Picks Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by rpcfball View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by blah3 View Post
    Yeah, I read that, and I STILL don't get it.
    Interesting pick to say the least. But hey, I guess BPR feels the new rams brass will want their own guy under center after four years of the failed Sam Bradford experiment
    With all these QBs coming off the board I smell a RSR conspiracy for a super dope player for Ravens at 17.... Also nice Watkins pick.
  4. Ravens Just Missed on Byrd/Blount? Wanted Jenkins?

    Quote Originally Posted by OhThePossibilities View Post
    Did you read the last line?

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    I just figured it out... I when I read it and saw it wasn't on here I was having a heart attack posting it lol
  5. The Case for a Defense-heavy Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by BcRaven View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by He/Ate/the/Box View Post
    I would also throw in an dominating MLB to pair with Brown.
    This post is still like a dig at D. Smith. If you think the Ravens can replace his 2013 stats (see my post #218) then you're in for a rude awakening. I also see you've anointed A. Brown as a starter in 2014. While I hope you're right, and I know he was hurt beginning the season, he did not exactly show the talents of a 2nd round draft choice... Bc
    With all our holes I'm not sure we have much a choice.
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