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  1. Other Games Thread.

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    hate how easy it is
    All AJ Green that drive....sigh
  2. Fire Pees

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    I think they are going to let him finish the season, then "retire"; I don't like this scenario at all, because it won't give the new DC a real chance to evaluate the talent on the defense. They can't all be bad - look at what Pittsburgh is doing with their young guys.
    If this is what Harbaugh is thinking then maybe he should pack his shit too because your job as an HC is to win football games period so you are going to choose your friendship over losing this team completely?
  3. Billy Cundiff appreciation threat

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    This is sad. Cundiff did well in 2010, and did a passable job last year despite playing with an injured calf at the end of the year. He also made 11 of 12 FG's in the playoffs. You're seriously bummed; fine, so was I. But I didn't think Ravens' fans treated players this way. As Sam Wyche once said to unruly fans, "You don't live in Cleveland".

    Very eye-opening, and very disappointing.
    There are some players as fans you can overlook things like these, but after ...
  4. Ravens sign Jacoby Jones

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    I guess I'm in the minority but I love this move. I've been a Jacoby Jones fan for about 3 years now, although I no longer think he will make the jump to stardom I was hoping for after his strong run at the end of 2009. He's still an excellent return man who can be an occasional deep threat in 3-WR sets, plus his athleticism allows for some creativity (i.e. gadget plays) if they decide to go down that road again.
    7million dollar end around
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