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  1. Weather

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    Frankly I am more concerned about the field than the weather, at least for the next game. It looked like it got chopped up pretty good on Sunday. That isn't ideal for Lamar's running.
    I guarantee that will be re-sodded by game time
  2. Justice Hill

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    i think he is another kenneth dixon. i wasn't sure why the ravens moved on from dixon and spent the pick on hill.
    I donít see that... No guarantee he makes it, but if he doesnít work out, I donít think it for the same reason as Dixon...

    It is nice having a running back with breakaway speed though. Havenít had that for a long time.
  3. Beckham & Landry troll Peters after deal

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    Iím just old ( school !) I wish all these guys wou just shut up And let their play on the field do the talking.
    Twitter and social media + ego = asshole amplification
  4. The OFFICIAL Ravens v. Steelers Prediction Thread

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    17-13 Steelers
    Copycat 😎
  5. The OFFICIAL Ravens v. Steelers Prediction Thread

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    I have never made a prediction on here, but because the ďDuckmanĒ was mentioned, and Duckie was incorrectly attributed to Sixteen Candles instead of Pretty in Pink, I feel as though I had to chime in. [emoji23]

    Iíll go 20-9 Ravens over the Steelers.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

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    Ahh! My wife just told me Iím dumb for not getting the movie right! I told her itís basically the same damned
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