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  1. Enhancing Player Safety. Adding More Games. A Radical Solution.

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    Itís hard to ignore a couple of controversial issues swirling within NFL circles these days that donít seem to want to go away. Iím talking about player safety and the league officeís plan to expand the number of regular season and playoff games.

    Iím not the first to point out that these two firestorm issues are at odds with each other. Of course, they are both are driven by the so-called root of all evil: money.

    The fact that player safety isnít going away has
  2. Putting NFL Head Coaches in their Pigeon Holes

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    Yesterday I heard someone wishing that the Jets would tank so Rex would get fired and the Ravens could hire him as D coordinator again.

    We could debate whether they would do that, if the chance arises.

    It got me thinking about Bisciotti's decision not to offer the Ravens head job to Rex and instead his leaning to Jason Garrett and ultimately John Harbaugh. Maybe with better players Garrett would have been just as successful as John. Or maybe John, who has a bit more
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