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  1. Is the Really a Game on Sunday?

    Quote Originally Posted by GOTA View Post
    Reading the NFL news you would never know that they are actually playing a game. I can't remember a year were all sorts of side show issues dominated the media as much as this one. Stupid me thought the distractions would be some kiss ass brother vs. brother stuff. Instead it's deer antlers and salary demands and 49ers QBs who want their release.

    It's so nuts that Randy Moss is coming off as the sane one talking about his play on the football field. At least that's a football
  2. Monachino could be leaving to be DC

    I heard Chip Kelly say that he was in no rush to hire a DC. In my mind that meant he was looking at someone on either the Ravens or 49ers. This makes sense
  3. I've never seen a fanbase as hopeless about a game as the Browns LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by Whitty Hutton View Post
    This is comedy. Browns actually play good defense, but you wont find too many optimistic homers here
    With good reason. They are now in a completely wasted year. They have a new owner who will clean house and start over once again but that can't be done until after they get through this season. 2012 is just a big waste of time for that franchise.
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