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  1. Ed Dickson

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    So, Iím watching the Sunday Night game and recognized a familiar player in Ed Dickson. It got me curious. How has he managed to stick around for so long? Heís in his 9th year as a pro and his stats are nothing impressive. Less than 190 career catches, slightly over 2,100 yards and 14 TDS. It just seems like the upside of any given mid round TE prospect would be more appealing than what Dickson brings to the table. Am I missing something?
    maybe he has turned into a really good ...
  2. Does Flacco make an appearance tonight?...more

    Quote Originally Posted by DonC View Post
    Whether or not you hate Flacco or hate LJ... all I am asking is this...

    Do you think now that Harbaugh knows he is coming back as the Ravens head coach next year do you think at some point in the game if the Ravens are trailing and the run game isnít gone as planned with LJ at the helm does Harbaugh put Flacco in the game... ?

    Also, if he does and Flacco lights it up and gets the win does he then start against the Browns to get him in shape to be January Joe?
  3. Tickets for Sale for this weeks game against St. Louis

    Quote Originally Posted by Spider Webb View Post
    Some stuff came up and I won't be able to see Ed Reed inducted into the Ring of Honor :(

    Section 542
    Row 26
    Seats 11, 12 ,13

    Send me your offers

    Updated 01-15-2020 at 09:17 AM by Brtnder81

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