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  1. So who's contributed the most out of the rookie class this year??

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    I mean Humphrey can't beat out Smith or Carr. Bowser hasent played much and with his special teams blunder yesterday I can't see that changing. Then we move on to the 3rd round picks. Wormley is usually a healthy scratch, Tim Williams has he even played a snap in the regular season? Is he hurt or is he too a healthy scratch? Goose 2 may never play again and London is laughable. And people wonder why the team is bad. Your getting nothing out of the entire draft class

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  2. Black Monday

    Seems like the Cowboys fired Rob Ryan to go after Monte Kiffin.

    PFT indicates that both Garrett and Jerry Jones want Kiffin.
  3. AFC North: We could see a lot of parity in Draft

    I think Cleveland is really the only team that has an obvious need (QB) that won't have a shot at a franchise QB. However, other than that I think there will be a lot of parity amongst the draft selections in the AFC North and in my opinion there will be some scrambling to move in front of the other for certain draft picks.

    Round 1:
    4. Cleveland Browns Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State (61 215lbs). Blackmon was really impressive at his pro day and ran really well, which ...
  4. The Most Elusive 300lb Men In Modern Sports

    Ever since Jonathan Ogden retired at the end of the 2007 season the Baltimore Ravens have been desperately searching for a player that can hold down the left side of the offensive line. After nearly 5 years and upwards of 10 draft picks and free agent acquisitions why is it that the Ravens have such a tough time finding an answer to protect the best quarterback this franchise has ever had? Well, after a lot of research I've concluded that in order to get a left tackle you have to be picking in the ...
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