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  1. OT -Sayonara

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    Solo, you can move or delete this as you see fit, thanks

    Stopping in to say goodbye to the great crew here, BC, Smoove, GWNR, RWT, BPR, QDR, Baldy, Amish, NC, ....and a bunch of others

    I've said before I'm not a NFL fan, I'm a Ravens fan .... but this team? I am no longer a fan of this team.
    Heard what happened leaving service this morning, came home had to think about things so didn't turn on the DVR.

    Decided to take the time to say goodbye,
  2. Post-Draft Around the League (non Ravens news)

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    I guess the way to look at this is to add the 2 numbers together and see who spends the least on their lines. So which team does not believe in building through the trenches? I haven't done the numbers but it sure looks like the Patriots spend the least while the Bills spend the most. There goes that cliche about building a team to win
    For us the spending on the D line has been in terms of draft picks not dollars
    Our spending looked really low until I looked closer
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