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  1. Real Fan Dan's Avatar
    How do we make anything other than a quick reply?
  2. mmi16's Avatar
    If this board is any slower in its operation I'll be flagged for 'Delay of Game'!
  3. mdcrab43's Avatar
    I am STILL not able to start new threads!
  4. Filmstudy's Avatar
    I am having a problem getting the back button to work on my browser. It's only for this site.
  5. Beerracuda's Avatar
    Does anyone know of a way to make the message viewing field wider? As it stands right now, the message section is only a little more than half of the left side of the screen, while the advertising/blog area is the remaining portion of the screen on the right side.

    This is not an issue on my computer at work, as the board looks close to what it was before the upgrade. Only on my home computer do I have this problem, and it makes reading messages much more difficult.
  6. RAYvens Fan's Avatar
    What happened to all the groovy icons? The barf one and the smack that ass one, etc.?
  7. mdcrab43's Avatar
    Well,that didnt work either!
  8. mdcrab43's Avatar
    I have an invalid url
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