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  1. RussellStReport: RT @RayLewisNews: When you know who stands with you, who stands against you is insignificant.
  2. RussellStReport: #BallSoHard means something else in New England: https://t.co/xJgAfclF
  3. RussellStReport: Happy Purple Friday Baltimore...may it be #EPIC!
  4. RussellStReport: Kidz Korner: Mount McKinnie steps up http://t.co/XBll2zf1
  5. RussellStReport: BATTLE PLANS: AFC Championship rematch edition http://t.co/VpEi6rzD
  6. RussellStReport: RT @BMoreBirdsNest: Hearing a lot about Ridley & Vereen. Yes, they're good. 1714 yards on 366 total touches
  7. RussellStReport: Bernard Pollard: The Patriots' worst nightmare. http://t.co/FPGN75P0
  8. RussellStReport: History suggests that the #Ravens will need to not only beat the Patriots but the odds as well: http://t.co/
  9. RussellStReport: RT @BMoreBirdsNest: Very well done. Remember, Poe's "The Raven" is considered a "horror" poem. No shame if y
  10. RussellStReport: New Post: Fran the Fan - Deja Nu. Preview and Prediction for Sunday from one fan's perspective. http://t.co/
  11. RussellStReport: 5 Reasons why the #Ravens will win on Sunday: http://t.co/5whGzjpR
  12. RussellStReport: FILMSTUDY: Offensive line model & random offensive notes from Ravens/Broncos. http://t.co/PdCY7cW9
  13. RussellStReport: This is what I call raising children the right way >>> https://t.co/PVVus3Af
  14. RussellStReport: So is it Foxboro or Foxborough? Maybe it's Foxboring. #Ravens #Patriots
  15. RussellStReport: You know you want email alerts right? Fun, clever, and NO SPAM.Sign up in less than 30 seconds here:http://t
  16. RussellStReport: Game status injury report: Ravens-Patriots http://t.co/qEaT6ZTm
  17. RussellStReport: RT @CSNbaltimore: #Ravens vs. #Patriots, always good drama http://t.co/7mf7wPXO #NFL #RavensTalk
  18. RussellStReport: RT @CSNbaltimore: Flacco makes bigger plays than Brady... #Ravens #RavensTalk http://t.co/FAAYTbGh via @JMic
  19. RussellStReport: CHALK TALK: Our QB coach looks at how to attack Tom Brady http://t.co/FzA5Yv8O
  20. RussellStReport: Youthful memories were just torn...The "Earl of Baltimore" passed away today. Thanks Earl...you were the bes
  21. RussellStReport: RT @JamiefromABC2: Taught us about the game. #thanksearl http://t.co/6jkWU4MG
  22. RussellStReport: Remembering "The Earl of Baltimore": http://t.co/wOgfEnyy
  23. RussellStReport: RT @AmberTheoharis: Dear Earl Weaver: Thanks for giving kids from MD a team to love and be proud of. #RIP #O
  24. RussellStReport: This is why Ray's retirement is so important to #Ravens fans: http://t.co/aeuCm29N
  25. RussellStReport: RT @realOBF: @RSRLombardi FYI - front page of @Bostondotcom while it's hot. @RussellStReport #Patriots vs #
  26. RussellStReport: #Ravens have an 8-5 record (.615) on the road in the playoffs.
  27. RussellStReport: Point Counterpoint between 2 bloggers: http://t.co/5whGzjpR #Ravens #Patriots
  28. RussellStReport: @JamiefromABC2 Bring home the Lamar Hunt. The next trophy has a cooler name...just sayin'! #LombardiTrophy
  29. RussellStReport: @MarkZinno You need to get out more... :-)
  30. RussellStReport: @BR0217 Talib makes a difference but what the #Ravens can do hinges on how the middle of the O-Line handles
  31. RussellStReport: The #Ravens are the only team against which Tom Brady has more interceptions than TD passes. (7 TD, 8 INT)
  32. RussellStReport: The line on tomorrow's AFCC games which opened at 9 1/2 has now fallen to 7 1/2. #Ravens #Patriots
  33. RussellStReport: The #Ravens are 6-0 in the post season when they have a 100-yard rusher.
  34. RussellStReport: When the #Ravens score first in a playoff game, they are 6-0. When scoring second, 6-7.
  35. RussellStReport: Joe Flacco has 5 career road wins in the playoffs tying Eli Manning for the most in NFL postseason history.
  36. RussellStReport: In the #Ravens’ last six playoff games (since the 2010 season), Joe Flacco is 107-of-184 for 1,485 yards, 12
  37. RussellStReport: Since 1970 only the Dallas Cowboys (9 wins) have more road playoff wins than the #Ravens (8)
  38. RussellStReport: In this week's TALE OF THE TAPE, @JMUpurkfool says Ravens can exploit the Pats for big plays to get to the "
  39. RussellStReport: RT @iHateJJRedick: Listen for our buddy Tony from @RussellStReport shortly on @1057TheFan talking #Ravens an
  40. RussellStReport: RT @RavensSalaryCap: Interesting perspective from @ClarkJudgeCBS on the Flacco contract negotiations - Flac
  41. RussellStReport: #RayLewis as the most interesting man in the world: https://t.co/2PlSlsh1
  42. RussellStReport: RT @OriolesHangout: Earl Weaver Remembered http://t.co/6q8B3ShJ #TheEarlofBaltimore #Orioles
  43. RussellStReport: In 23 hours tears of joy will be shed. #Ravens 27 #Patriots 23
  44. RussellStReport: #Ravens fans representing in New England: http://t.co/tH5oXWO5
  45. RussellStReport: Suggs needs to sizzle on Sunday http://t.co/1b7UnWxD #Ravens
  46. RussellStReport: RT @AlbertBreer: Beautiful winter morning in Foxboro, temperatures in the mid-40s ... Couldn't be nicer this
  47. RussellStReport: Redemption Sunday: https://t.co/y8Reahc1 #Ravens
  48. RussellStReport: #Ravens fans are representing in many ways today. Here's one: https://t.co/rf9gnvOj How are you representing
  49. RussellStReport: Ravens fans checking in from New England, let other #Ravens fans know where you are tailgating today...We wi
  50. RussellStReport: How can anyone take Deion Sanders seriously? I'm almost embarrassed that he was once a member of the #Ravens
  51. RussellStReport: #Ravens look to turn the table and set up the run with the pass.
  52. RussellStReport: RT @PoorBoysSports: Hey Baltimore! Big Day for our Ravens and Ravens Fans. Please keep the Faith & BELIEVE!
  53. RussellStReport: @jurgenhadley Give him a few more mins and he'll play the fool again!
  54. RussellStReport: When Gronkowski is on the field Brady has 23 TD & 3 INT. Without Gronk 11 TD & 6 INT. Gronk out today. #Rave
  55. RussellStReport: CRAB BAG: News, notes, and stats for Ravens/Patriots. http://t.co/HAHmZFsE
  56. RussellStReport: RT @MarkViviano: WSW winds gusting near 30 mph in Foxboro today/tonite. WSW is the direction from here to Ne
  57. RussellStReport: It's a fun community. Please join us with your "like": https://t.co/iXVWrVpD
  58. RussellStReport: RT @CSNbaltimore: (VIDEO) #Ravens won't back down to big, bad #Patriots http://t.co/sEQvFPfM #NFL #RavensTal
  59. RussellStReport: Check out the cover of The Boston Globe. I hope we kick the sh*t out of these smug bastards! https://t.co/hI
  60. RussellStReport: @MattCLund Just did the same... #ItWorks
  61. RussellStReport: Join in with other fans online today in our Game Day thread. Always fun and informative...share your in-game
  62. RussellStReport: @RavensHypeMan At @JoeWedra is great! When he's on a sideline one day or in a press box doing what he loves,
  63. RussellStReport: I can feel it coming in the air tonight... http://t.co/7ZbZa0WW
  64. RussellStReport: Faulk says its going to be. Harbaugh Bowl http://t.co/Y0TnZjKJ
  65. RussellStReport: Faulk, Warner, Sapp and Irvin all picking the Ravens. Visual evidence coming soon...
  66. RussellStReport: Irvin says old guys Moss and Ray Lew are heading to New Orleans http://t.co/kzHFfunL
  67. RussellStReport: Sapp calls for a Harbaugh Bowl too http://t.co/jOL1kR0k
  68. RussellStReport: Warner says Joe Cool and Matty Ice will square off in SBXLVII http://t.co/teZ272vd
  69. RussellStReport: @sgoodl Harborside may have invented the Orange Crush but Mama's on the Half Shell perfected it.
  70. RussellStReport: The story will not end tonight http://t.co/cJbvCWtJ #Ravens
  71. RussellStReport: Let's not forget that the #Falcons did the same thing last week. Will the go Pillsbury Doughboy again?
  72. RussellStReport: Someone needs to tell the Niners that they don't have to count to 5 Mississippi before they rush Matt Ryan.
  73. RussellStReport: #Ravens Inactives: Asa Jackson, Ramon Harewood, DeAngelo Tyson, Bryan Hall, Omar Brown, Adrian Hamilton, Deo
  74. RussellStReport: @PriscoCBS So will Flacco!
  75. RussellStReport: Game on! http://t.co/NAcxsChi
  76. RussellStReport: More nervous than Antonio Cromartie at a paternity trial.
  77. RussellStReport: Lets hope Marshal Faulk is right! http://t.co/U9jmkg01
  78. RussellStReport: Meanwhile Jacoby Jones a little trigger happy on that fair catch
  79. RussellStReport: Those are the kind of tactics that set Belichick apart
  80. RussellStReport: How could they not see David Reed being held? UFB
  81. RussellStReport: Chykie is a bad tackler on perimeter. Lets hope the Patriots don't exploit that
  82. RussellStReport: Pees needs to be multiple with Brady. Lets not forget he carved us up early in Sept
  83. RussellStReport: Very weak first series by Caldwell and a jittery Flacco predetermined the throw...
  84. RussellStReport: Special teams are killing us again
  85. RussellStReport: Time for 5 to step up
  86. RussellStReport: Little surprised that Talib is on Boldin. Torrey was open on the play.
  87. RussellStReport: @RavenBerns We could run more from gun. I just want to see Joe get some rhythm
  88. RussellStReport: Statement drive! Defense forces a punt #Ravens looking solid!
  89. RussellStReport: Is Cam Cameron back?
  90. RussellStReport: Patriots are winning the battle of field position in a big way
  91. RussellStReport: Ravens should be feeling pretty good to be down by only 6. First possession is big. We need to at least tilt
  92. RussellStReport: Actually bad clock management by Patriots on that drive. 3 timeouts and an inside the 40 start
  93. RussellStReport: Wtf is your best pass rusher covering a WR in a tight end's body?
  94. RussellStReport: @iHateJJRedick Coverage sack
  95. RussellStReport: HUGE defensive stand coming up...but what else is new? Too many failed third down attempts
  96. RussellStReport: Bring back Cam? Just kidding...
  97. RussellStReport: I wonder if Ed Reed will get fined for letting Brady kick him...
  98. RussellStReport: Folks is us against the world with these piss poor one-sided officiating
  99. RussellStReport: Kruger in coverage downfield again? Patriots don't have better players but they do have better coaches.
  100. RussellStReport: Think New England gets it back?
  101. RussellStReport: Keep them on their heels Joe Flacco/Jim Caldwell
  102. RussellStReport: Should have found hot reads with Pitta and Boldin but who wouldn't have taken the current game situation bef
  103. RussellStReport: Still run shotgun offense?
  104. RussellStReport: Pollard with another TKO
  105. RussellStReport: @thesuperzman a 30 yard punt? C'mon man. That was like a duck hook off the tee
  106. RussellStReport: Maybe I'm old fashioned but this isn't over and I'm not digging the celebrating yet.
  107. RussellStReport: Sam Koch? Really?
  108. RussellStReport: Jim Nance and Phil Simms need Cymbalta
  109. RussellStReport: A message from Giselle to Tom http://t.co/yuySpNts
  110. RussellStReport: @realOBF @RSRLombardi Thanks Bill. I really think that they had that pancake social. Both Cody and Wilfork w
  111. RussellStReport: Alive, better and growing #RavensNation http://t.co/OadGX474
  112. RussellStReport: #Ravens open as 4 1/2 point underdogs in Super Bowl XLVII http://t.co/Z5bxqkAL
  113. RussellStReport: @MassholeSports What a classless and clueless hater. You should drop the "M" from your Twitter handle.
  114. RussellStReport: @BalSportsReport Because judging from his mood on air during the #Ravens beatdown he seemed to have missed h
  115. RussellStReport: New Post: Video of Ravens fans celebrating a Super Bowl berth in Federal Hill right after the game! http://t
  116. RussellStReport: The Baltimore #Ravens Keep the Dream Alive http://t.co/jjcMX81n
  117. RussellStReport: Brady postgame: https://t.co/XYFdgOFa
  118. RussellStReport: The #Ravens will be the visiting team in Super Bowl XLVII which probably means white jerseys. Should they go
  119. RussellStReport: Twitter Roundup: Ravens players react as AFC Champions! http://t.co/nFQXchF3
  120. RussellStReport: After David Akers "doink" on the upright yesterday, could the #49ers bring Billy Cundiff back for #SuperBowl
  121. RussellStReport: NEW POST: Wes Welker's smoking hot wife sounds off on Ray Lewis - thus making her disgusting. (Pics) #Ravens
  122. RussellStReport: Seems like many are claiming to be the best blog in town today. We won't join the fray. Let's just have fun,
  123. RussellStReport: Terrell Suggs will be joining @Bjack50 & @Ravenmaniac @ Hightopps in Timonium tonight at 6. for the Purple a
  124. RussellStReport: RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Tom Brady had his worst 2nd-half QBR (22.6) in last 4 postseasons Sunday vs BAL. NE is 0-
  125. RussellStReport: No #Ravens in the Pro Bowl this year. They are in the Bro Bowl.
  126. RussellStReport: Have to admit, one thing I hated about the AFCC was the #Ravens being a little too celebratory before it was
  127. RussellStReport: Latest picture of Brady and Belichick after the game: https://t.co/LBteszUW
  128. RussellStReport: @NZgorski Was over 2 minutes left and the Patriots were driving. It wasn't quite over.
  129. RussellStReport: New Post: Report Card for the Ravens' 28-13 win in the AFC Championship Game! http://t.co/vdxW5Wut
  130. RussellStReport: RT @CSNbaltimore: C. Williams makes good on promise to Brady... http://t.co/w5PHoMR1 via #Ravens Insider @JM
  131. RussellStReport: RT @BMoreBirdsNest: Just like when they were kids...RT if you're ready for the Harbowl! http://t.co/Yk10L5GN
  132. RussellStReport: The #Ravens have taken to calling Ray Lewis, "Mufasa". We think the shoe fits: https://t.co/QJRBpc5X
  133. RussellStReport: Harbowl II leans to purple http://t.co/4iky8YnS
  134. RussellStReport: Joe Flacco continues to make his doubters eat their words this postseason http://t.co/W9h0Sr9H
  135. RussellStReport: Brady, Welker, Mankins and Wilfork drop out of Pro Bowl w/ injuries...probably hurt feelings. #Boofreakingho
  136. RussellStReport: RT @CSNbaltimore: #Ravens announce Jim Caldwell to stay on as permanent offensive coordinator, add Juan Cast
  137. RussellStReport: RT @BMoreBirdsNest: Someone double check me on this,but as far as I can tell, 13 points is the fewest NE has
  138. RussellStReport: Video: Just 24-hours ago... this was the scene in Baltimore. #Ravens #AFCChampions http://t.co/3vgw61Tx
  139. RussellStReport: The Ravens held New England to their lowest point total since the 2009 regular season: http://t.co/65C4dTdA
  140. RussellStReport: Wes Welker's loudmouth wife issued an apology to Ray Lewis. You buying it? http://t.co/qL8xiz9a
  141. RussellStReport: RT @CSNbaltimore: #Ravens Pitta made of tough stuff http://t.co/oVgDghjA #NFL #RavensTalk
  142. RussellStReport: EXCLUSIVE: Terrell Suggs talks about being the hero in B'More, and the villain everywhere else. http://t.co/
  143. RussellStReport: RT @CSNbaltimore: Report: #NFL reviewing Brady's slide http://t.co/GKVjDlhJ #Ravens #Patriots #RavensTalk
  144. RussellStReport: Send the Ravens off to N'awlins! Come out & hang with @brendon310 & @TorreySmithWR at Harvey's Pub in Essex
  145. RussellStReport: From rookie to Super Bowl bound in one year - an interview with Gino Gradkowski (by @sportguyfnn) http://t.c
  146. RussellStReport: The skyline in New Orleans has gone purple: https://t.co/hx3SQCIV
  147. RussellStReport: John Harbaugh has the upper hand...AGAIN: https://t.co/lQp9S1ZL #Ravens
  148. RussellStReport: KIDZ KORNER: Joe Flacco shut me up! (by @JoeWedra) http://t.co/Gtm42mUa
  149. RussellStReport: Per @ESPNStatsInfo ALL 5 QB with 8+ TD and 0 Int in playoffs have gone on to win the Super Bowl. Joe Flacco
  150. RussellStReport: Hey #Ravens, stay thirsty my friends: https://t.co/v2Fe5IZF
  151. RussellStReport: The origins of the #BradyKick: https://t.co/fVBfz6rt
  152. RussellStReport: FILMSTUDY: AFC Championship Defensive Notes http://t.co/s6hq6KZj #Ravens
  153. RussellStReport: Stay classy New England: http://t.co/vRQfHsHO #Patriots #Ravens
  154. RussellStReport: New Post: Opinion - NFL's hiring problems aren't limited to minorities. Hires like Daboll, Castillo are shad
  155. RussellStReport: The Patriots should have practiced with tennis racquets for the Ravens, too. http://t.co/VhiTmmsO
  156. RussellStReport: Harbaugh wrestling: https://t.co/IuxoAUvg
  157. RussellStReport: @vaRAVENS @thenflanalyst @wnst @baltimoreluke @blogandtackle @ravenmaniac @pff_gordon Will Simms & Nantz be
  158. RussellStReport: SUPER BOWL PACKAGES to fit your budget: https://t.co/cj3DleDV
  159. RussellStReport: Dark Knight casts shades of purple over the Crescent City: https://t.co/Kd76XeJe #Ravens
  160. RussellStReport: RT @CSNbaltimore: John Harbaugh is 11-0 as a head coach in games in which his team did not play previous wee
  161. RussellStReport: RT @PriscoCBS: NFL will soon come to this: Players sign waiver of any potential suits or else you don't play
  162. RussellStReport: @WriteOnSteph Thanks Steph!
  163. RussellStReport: RT @CSNbaltimore: Ravens offense suddenly red hot in red zone http://t.co/Fiy5An9b
  164. RussellStReport: So close... http://t.co/AzhIlceE
  165. RussellStReport: RT @BMoreBirdsNest: Seeing pictures of fat dudes in SF Jerseys "Kaepernick'ing." They look like they're snif
  166. RussellStReport: Joe Flacco's upcoming E-Trade commercial? https://t.co/zl1OVHdW
  167. RussellStReport: The Italian side of the Harbaugh Brothers emerges: https://t.co/sE3jqzph
  168. RussellStReport: @Bonzi777 I hear you but then that wouldn't have worked as well...
  169. RussellStReport: You've heard by now that Ray Lewis' first career sack was of Jim Harbaugh. See it here. http://t.co/TMrljLgc
  170. RussellStReport: RT @CSNbaltimore: Tom Brady fined for slide in AFC Championship game http://t.co/wdcCjwJ1 #Ravens #NFL #Rave
  171. RussellStReport: Kaepernick's nightmare: https://t.co/8LtcxXIO
  172. RussellStReport: Exclusive Dannell Ellerbe interview: http://t.co/VsRSUH7Z
  173. RussellStReport: Flacco is one Super step from the “E” word http://t.co/EBDg9KXy #Ravens
  174. RussellStReport: OFFENSIVE CONSTRUCTION COMPLETE: Ravens Offense Has Finally Arrived http://t.co/Za4tL5Dh
  175. RussellStReport: Does Colin Kaepernick stink? https://t.co/PGG3EW3i
  176. RussellStReport: An exclusive 1-on-1 interview with the Ellerbeast, @ellerbe59! http://t.co/VsRSUH7Z
  177. RussellStReport: Ravens collectively feel"why take pictures with Lombardi Trophy when it's not yet theirs." #GreatAttitude
  178. RussellStReport: Love the #Ravens mindset heading into Super Bowl. NOT just happy to be there as evidenced by refusal to be p
  179. RussellStReport: On NFL Turning Point, a Pats O-lineman was impressed with Flacco, and Ed Reed was NOT happy with the refs po
  180. RussellStReport: @PriscoCBS So you've answered the first question. Keep on hating. You are following in Skip Bayless' tracks
  181. RussellStReport: @PriscoCBS Have you ever played ball? If your competitor said your work is drivel you wouldn't dial it up a
  182. RussellStReport: Want to hang out with @TorreySmithWR on his birthday? Come out to Harvey's Pub in Essex on Saturday! http://
  183. RussellStReport: FILMSTUDY: Offensive line model and notes vs. Patriots 1/20/13 http://t.co/S9AYGCNx
  184. RussellStReport: Check out this somewhat clairvoyant note written by Colin Kaepernick when he was in the 4th Grade: https://t
  185. RussellStReport: @lilasc SLIGHT parody ;) http://t.co/EeD21YWK
  186. RussellStReport: Art Modell: "You make me proud" https://t.co/k68Ukhfo
  187. RussellStReport: RT @CSNbaltimore: VIDEO: Which Harbaugh has the edge? @CharleyCasserly and @JMichaelCSN break it down. http:
  188. RussellStReport: Ever wonder why the #Ravens colors are purple & black? Check out this Evolution of Colors documentary by Tid
  189. RussellStReport: @RavenBerns The pic and about half of the note are real. :-)
  190. RussellStReport: @Quezzymoto Let's talk. Hit me up at [email protected]
  191. RussellStReport: Can I speak to Seymour please? Last name "Butts?" John Harbaugh broke out his inner Bart Simpson today. http
  192. RussellStReport: Ed Reed says he has no plans to retire, regardless of the outcome next Sunday. http://t.co/Xwm2yLUs
  193. RussellStReport: Ozzie, like Ed, says he plans on being around next year. http://t.co/Xwm2yLUs
  194. RussellStReport: @BMoreBirdsNest The man was a stud! Could have become the best of all time. Imagine Reed and Pollard in one
  195. RussellStReport: Jim Nantz never bothered me much until I learned that Robert Kraft and Tom Brady were guests at his wedding
  196. RussellStReport: RT @CSNbaltimore: Super Bowl grants #Ravens' defense extra recovery time http://t.co/HczJO94Q #RavensTalk
  197. RussellStReport: The Washington Wizards changed their name way back when from the Bullets because of the violence connotation
  198. RussellStReport: The #Ravens are riding a wave into New Orleans and it looks like it won't stop http://t.co/BRgqlv68 #SuperBo
  199. RussellStReport: Curious about the "Pistol" offense? Check out Part 1 of our thorough breakdown. http://t.co/yi26cB4x
  200. RussellStReport: The Vegas line on Super Bowl was originally set at 49ers (- 4 1/2). The line has fallen a full point to 3 1/
  201. RussellStReport: What do Joe Flacco and Johnny Manziel have in common? Well, they both skeet shoot with their laser rocket ar
  202. RussellStReport: Remember the "Bring on Brady" parody? Well, they're back with more! http://t.co/MZ0QBPET
  203. RussellStReport: Super Bowl halftime show will feature a Destiny's Child reunion. http://t.co/ViBK7ake
  204. RussellStReport: @CharmCityNow I don't believe that for a nanosecond!
  205. RussellStReport: Wanna bet on how long John and Jim Harbaugh hug after the Super Bowl? Of course you do. http://t.co/ICpGXRa1
  206. RussellStReport: Second to last Purple Friday of the season...and of Ray's career. Get pumped, Baltimore! http://t.co/6NCAaB2
  207. RussellStReport: One very unselfish Ravens fan stayed home from a player event rather than risk getting @TorreySmithWR sick!
  208. RussellStReport: An interview with @RobinsMatt, the man behind "Bring on Brady" (by @JoePolek) http://t.co/AzlVGdht
  209. RussellStReport: Destiny's Child, blah, blah, blah...Beyonce Knowles knows who destiny's child is this season!!! https://t.co
  210. RussellStReport: RT @MCTTravel1: @RussellStReport Group of Raven Fans coming out of ATL. RT Bus $80 Rooms $249. Daily transp
  211. RussellStReport: Former University of Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen once said of @TorreySmithWR "God created a perfect person
  212. RussellStReport: Fans complained that Cam abandoned the run too early. Now some have the opposite complaint about Caldwell. h
  213. RussellStReport: Kaepernick is suffering from nightmares and insomnia: https://t.co/lb2guYev #Ravens #49ers
  214. RussellStReport: RT @BmoreChix: A Birthday Tribute to Torrey ~ Plays like a Raven on and off the field #Ravens Nation @torrey
  215. RussellStReport: A Super Experience! Looking back on one fan's recollection of XXXV and video of the entire game http://t.co/
  216. RussellStReport: RT @CSNbaltimore: Williams doesn't want to leave in free agency #Ravens @JMichaelCSN http://t.co/LkQTk9Tx
  217. RussellStReport: Aching Akers could alter #49ers game plan http://t.co/AUrnbxZv #Ravens
  218. RussellStReport: And the referee for Super Bowl XLVII is... https://t.co/XUAT0vH7
  219. RussellStReport: Should the #NFL do away with the #ProBowl? Cast your vote here: http://t.co/GENrLbqU
  220. RussellStReport: "Ray Lewis" appeared on SNL with Seth Meyers last night. Here's the video: http://t.co/Yc41hMQx
  221. RussellStReport: Did you go to #SuperBowl XXXV? Please share your stories and experiences here...no holds barred: http://t.co
  222. RussellStReport: RT @CSNbaltimore: RG3 experience helps #Ravens prepare for Kaepernick http://t.co/dFQWGslq #RavensTalk
  223. RussellStReport: Family Karaoke with a Ravens' flavor? Yep...and it's pretty good. Check it out: http://t.co/1y4laiMH
  224. RussellStReport: Check out this week's Tale of the Tape to see how @AnquanBoldin and @TeamFlacco put the Ravens in New Orlean
  225. RussellStReport: In exactly one week #SuperBowl XLVII will be underway!
  226. RussellStReport: RT @realOBF: Can we blame Bernard Pollard? #Rondo
  227. RussellStReport: RT @BMoreBirdsNest: Joe Flacco played safety in high school, was nicknamed "The Long Arm of the Law." I love
  228. RussellStReport: RT @CSNbaltimore: Te'o in Ravens' sights? @MediumWellGuy http://t.co/sR33Qd1S
  229. RussellStReport: At what point this season to Matt Schaub turn into Matt Cassel?
  230. RussellStReport: Steelers C Maukice Pouncey said that he's rooting for the #Ravens in SB XLVII. Wonder if Steelers fans are r
  231. RussellStReport: RT @USATODAYsports: Roger Goodell earned a 39% approval rating from players in a recent poll by USA TODAY Sp
  232. RussellStReport: Wonder if John Fox is going to have the AFC take a knee after the shock of the NFC outscoring his squad 42-7
  233. RussellStReport: Why doesn't a guy named Luck with a horseshoe on his helmet wear No. 7?
  234. RussellStReport: Al Michaels, put the Mai Tai down
  235. RussellStReport: Will the streets of Baltimore be a symphony of jubilation this time next Sunday?
  236. RussellStReport: SALARY CAP NOTES: Graham and Oher Cash In http://t.co/OhOzgSSb #Ravens
  237. RussellStReport: #Ravens keep an eye on the prize: https://t.co/PpQqqqix
  238. RussellStReport: Stop us if you've heard this one before - @RayRice27 gives back in a big way. http://t.co/tzbbIi9Z
  239. RussellStReport: RT @BMoreBirdsNest: Baltimore already won the "Send-off Rally" Bowl. #LOLDozensofFans http://t.co/0ag0Yn7j
  240. RussellStReport: RT @CSNbaltimore: #Ravens' Pollard worries about the future of the #NFL http://t.co/dT7gu3FC #RavensTalk
  241. RussellStReport: Joe Flacco's strong postseason will earn him quite the payday http://t.co/9GOIZ7em
  242. RussellStReport: The Godfather favors Ravens over 49ers: https://t.co/uqYo0B4F
  243. RussellStReport: RT @JMichaelCSN: Ray Lewis says he was amused greatly by SNL skit #RavensTalk #49ers #SuperBowl
  244. RussellStReport: RT @BMoreBirdsNest: So Prediction Machine says 49ers, EA Sports sim says Ravens. Guess we're just gonna have
  245. RussellStReport: RT @sportguyfnn: With the #Ravens in the Super Bowl it marks the 7th time in the past 8 seasons a team that
  246. RussellStReport: Joe Flacco sticks foot in mouth. http://t.co/7heYI3BO Off to a bad start w/ SB media. https://t.co/edj0CeKO
  247. RussellStReport: Yesterday the #49ers showed up to NOLA in sweats. Today the #Ravens showed up for a business trip. https://t
  248. RussellStReport: RT @CSNbaltimore: We're giving away a #PrizePack every day through the big game! Enter now for your chance t
  249. RussellStReport: In case you missed it, here are some highlights from yesterday's #Ravens sendoff party at The Inner Harbor:
  250. RussellStReport: @BaltimoreLuke How visionary was Marshal on that day in camp? Funny I thought 2 go back & revisit my notes f