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  1. Ravens_247: Follow my friend Matt Zenitz @mzenitz. He covers the Ravens for Carroll County Times. Worth your follow
  2. Ravens_247: @nflnetwork @richeisen @DeionSanders Is it now an NFL law that the month of August must be dedicated to the #Jets
  3. Ravens_247: @JoeBucRavens Pierce
  4. Ravens_247: What do you get when you mix Milli Vanilli and the #Ravens? https://t.co/c51YP13w
  5. Ravens_247: Ravens sign rush linebacker | http://t.co/WwjhgiUD: http://t.co/f7PNv39S
  6. Ravens_247: @patscience We are going to work on a Q&A piece. I'll add this TE question with a more thorough response
  7. Ravens_247: At a hightop on deck
  8. Ravens_247: You here?
  9. Ravens_247: @lonilynn910 @mzenitz Lynn this tells you what you need to know for the upcoming CC football festival: https://t.
  10. Ravens_247: TRAINING CAMP NOTES: Ravens hold open practice, Harbaugh: 'Joe was on the money' | http://t.co/WwjhgiUD: http://t
  11. Ravens_247: Ngata on the mend | http://t.co/WwjhgiUD: http://t.co/vK5zu2mw
  12. Ravens_247: McKinnie seeking answers to weighty issues | http://t.co/WwjhgiUD: http://t.co/RpGHVOkD
  13. Ravens_247: TRAINING CAMP NOTES: Ravens M.A.S.H. Report | http://t.co/WwjhgiUD: http://t.co/b3tjdbL7
  14. Ravens_247: REMINDER: #Ravens are practicing at the Naval Academy next Sunday Aug 12. Details here: http://t.co/tPMXdaNb
  15. Ravens_247: @RavenRage52 Did not hear anything officially on the LIVESTREAM breaking down on @Ravens I do think it was techni
  16. Ravens_247: Deepest condolences to the Andy Reid & #Eagles' families. Andy's son Garrett Reid was found dead in his room at L
  17. Ravens_247: RT @MarkViviano: O's win 4 of 6 at NY/TB. Home for 10 gms vs SEA, KC, BOS- all w losing recs. For all their weakn
  18. Ravens_247: What a weekend.... still loading
  19. Ravens_247: Courtney Upshaw nearing return | http://t.co/WwjhgiUD: http://t.co/i1nvP604
  20. Ravens_247: Ravens offense needs to pick it up in 2012 | http://t.co/WwjhgiUD: http://t.co/YYhJsdVX
  21. Ravens_247: Ravens hire Director of Football Analytics | http://t.co/WwjhgiUD: http://t.co/P3nJv8B0
  22. Ravens_247: Popular Ravens Cash Fantasy Scratch-Off Ticket Returns for a Fourth Year | http://t.co/WwjhgiUD: http://t.co/hVO5
  23. Ravens_247: We bid a fond farewell to a friend | http://t.co/WwjhgiUD: http://t.co/tfQrAQol
  24. Ravens_247: @RavensInsider Thanks Aaron: http://t.co/tfQrAQol
  25. Ravens_247: @Ravens_247
  26. Ravens_247: Ed Dickson said that he refers to newcomer Billy Bajema as "Crazy Bill" because of his high energy level.
  27. Ravens_247: "instead of focusing on what I did I'm more focused on what I left on the field." ~ Torrey Smith on his success i
  28. Ravens_247: CAMP NOTES: Charting situational plays and results | http://t.co/WwjhgiUD: http://t.co/TsqmBEF3
  29. Ravens_247: CAMP NOTES: Harbaugh: 'Today was more of a grind day' | http://t.co/WwjhgiUD: http://t.co/DGqyGal8
  30. Ravens_247: CAMP NOTES: Harbaugh: 'Today was more of a grind day' | http://t.co/WwjhgiUD: http://t.co/CExD3TE9
  31. Ravens_247: Moneyball comes to Baltimore | http://t.co/WwjhgiUD: http://t.co/64aeyvsw
  32. Ravens_247: @JoeBucRavens @andregurode65 Joe, I don't see that happening. They've added youth that they have confidence in.
  33. Ravens_247: @JoeBucRavens Too early to tell but he's smart and has a quick first step. I like what I see. He's a little under
  34. Ravens_247: @JoeBucRavens The team loves Gino Gradkowski
  35. Ravens_247: @bthomas52 He has a chance particularly if he can be productive on special teams.
  36. Ravens_247: RT @RavensSalaryCap: Once season starts all players (53,IR,PUP,PS) will count. Depending on who makes team, Ravns
  37. Ravens_247: RT @RavensSalaryCap: After recent flurry of roster moves, the Ravens are currently $3,123,858 under the Salary Ca
  38. Ravens_247: RT @RavensSalaryCap: 8 Practice Squad players will count $775,200 against Cap based on $5700 per week x 17 weeks
  39. Ravens_247: RT @RavensSalaryCap: At this pt, Suggs and DReed likely on PUP, McAdoo already on IR heading into season, so 56 p
  40. Ravens_247: CAMP NOTES: Tune up for Atlanta | http://t.co/WwjhgiUD: http://t.co/R28FyU46
  41. Ravens_247: Here's hoping that the #Ravens backup RB's are more useful than the "ay" in okay.
  42. Ravens_247: RT @thewestwingla: The West Wing will be gathering at The Parlor Hollywood during the preseason. #Ravens
  43. Ravens_247: RT @ESPN_FirstTake: LeBron to Kobe ... for 3! This is straight video game stuff. #TeamUSA
  44. Ravens_247: @PriscoCBS No worries Pete. No one pays attention 2 Heath Evans anyway. If you keep picking the Bengals in the AF
  45. Ravens_247: #RAVENS @ #FALCONS: What to watch for on Defense | http://t.co/WwjhgiUD http://t.co/WdFYH5rZ
  46. Ravens_247: What will you be focused in on the most during tonight's #Ravens @ Falcons preseason game? Please cast your vote
  47. Ravens_247: First true Raven likely heading to HOF in 2013 | http://t.co/WwjhgiUD http://t.co/eiOvKbZs #Ravens
  48. Ravens_247: @Bowman1 @AC_volley @RavenManiac Thanks for the kind words. #24x7 is a total TEAM effort.
  49. Ravens_247: O's in the mix and the #Ravens for my football fix...the back end of Summer is shaping up quite nicely!
  50. Ravens_247: Does anyone know if Kyle Boller has officially submitted his retirement papers to the NFLPA #justkidding
  51. Ravens_247: Someone wake the chain gang up....FIRST DOWN!
  52. Ravens_247: #RayRice... stop raising the flag. You look tired out there on the field.
  53. Ravens_247: I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that for the #Ravens things can only get better.
  54. Ravens_247: #Ravens "rack up" 9 yards of offense in the first quarter. Julio Jones...109 yards.
  55. Ravens_247: Cough up the money NFL. Calling these officials scabs is insulting to scab worldwide.
  56. Ravens_247: Ed Dickson had his arm nicked up. If serious would be a huge problem with Pitta down until September.
  57. Ravens_247: @EdwardStGrey23 Biggest concern heading into season was O-Line. Camp convinced me they made improvements. Tonight
  58. Ravens_247: Anthony Allen continues to show me very little. Knock, knock..."Who is it?" Cedric Benson.
  59. Ravens_247: #Ravens offensive line has me singing to myself, "If it keeps on raining, levee's gonna break."
  60. Ravens_247: RT @Denver_Broncos: Manning finished the day 4-of-7 for 44 yards and an interception in his preseason debut for t
  61. Ravens_247: I now know why the #Ravens didn't show up in the first quarter. They flew to Atlanta and the game is apparently b
  62. Ravens_247: Call me paranoid but the longer it goes without hearing more on the Ed Dickson injury, the more worried I become.
  63. Ravens_247: RT @RavenManiac: Another Arizona Falcons reference? I hope this official isn't a travel agent during his day job!
  64. Ravens_247: Baaaaaah-jeeeeeeee-maaaaaaah! They call him "Crazy Bill." We'll call it a touchdown!
  65. Ravens_247: G Antoine McClain got away with a hold on that scoring strike from Painter to Deonte Thompson. Thompson showing w
  66. Ravens_247: So the race for No. 2 RB is on & as they make the 1st turn it's Rainey, followed by Berry,a gimpy Pierce and brin
  67. Ravens_247: No. 34 making a great early case to be in #Ravens colors this season...#Purple Rainey anyone?
  68. Ravens_247: Anyone else wondering if they're watching the same game as the Ravens broadcast team?
  69. Ravens_247: Judging from the lame Georgia Dome crowd, the Falcons fans also thought the game was in Arizona.
  70. Ravens_247: Looks Anthony Allen lost his mojo when he lost his dreads. Good guy who seems to be losing his way. #rallycaptime
  71. Ravens_247: @mdtnvolfan No...Pitta is expected back by the opener and Dickson told @WBALPete that he's fine
  72. Ravens_247: Despite a scoreboard that shows a 2 td #Ravens win it's hard to overlook the disappointing play of the O-line and
  73. Ravens_247: Sounds like Dickson will be ok.
  74. Ravens_247: Preseason Game 1 Recap: #Ravens @ #Falcons http://t.co/cXS3VPNQ
  75. Ravens_247: THE GOOD, BAD, UGLY & THE MEGAN FOX: Ravens @ #Falcons (Preseason) http://t.co/CIaNuajl #Ravens
  76. Ravens_247: RT @RavensSalaryCap: Ravens are presently $3,123,858 under Cap. McBean now counts $1,214,286, but due to 3 gm sus
  77. Ravens_247: RT @RavensSalaryCap: All playrs - 53,IR,PUP&PS - count against Cap once season starts. So, Suggs, Reed, Reid, McA
  78. Ravens_247: RT @Ravens: RT @LeighAnneTuohy: Post game celebration with @michaeloher and @rayrice27 #WinningCombination http:
  79. Ravens_247: #Ravens expected Ryan McBean to assume a Cory Redding type role. Tough break...no pun intended. Here's to a speed
  80. Ravens_247: @thenflanalyst During Redding's first season they gradually worked him in and by season 2, he got it. Team was ho
  81. Ravens_247: #Ravens Back up RB situation is shaky at best http://t.co/435sz5vP
  82. Ravens_247: RT @davidelfin: http://reSo far, so good for RGIII | http://t.co/Ctjqd2AH
  83. Ravens_247: Looks like Cedric Benson is about to sign w/ the #Packers. Available veteran backups are slim: Joseph Addai, Ryan
  84. Ravens_247: Great #Ravens video: http://t.co/rXGAMrsR @TorreySmithWR @RayRice27 @Crushboy31 @pkruger99 @TeamFlacco
  85. Ravens_247: @dangainor They don't. Give it time.
  86. Ravens_247: @dangainor Dan I really the the #Ravens offense will step up this year provided they find they right combination
  87. Ravens_247: Welcome to the show Machadoooooooooo! Great times for #Bmore Sports! O's in it to win it... #Ravens in Annapolis
  88. Ravens_247: Congrats to #EddieMurray, among the game's greatests https://t.co/ccVIB9X3
  89. Ravens_247: RT @FootballPost: Bengals' Wharton suffers knee injury: Maualuga, Dunlap injuries not believed to be as serious.
  90. Ravens_247: @RavenManiac Practice was cancelled...j/k
  91. Ravens_247: Interesting perspective on the #PennSt scandal from a current student: http://t.co/GokpBrdZ
  92. Ravens_247: If you love the #Ravens you are going to love this video: http://t.co/x0zIc7i1
  93. Ravens_247: RT @BMoreBirdsNest: #EDD #IE #EDD #IE #EDD #IE http://t.co/gSCCyVo7
  94. Ravens_247: Colts linebacker Tim Fugger passed his physical and was activated. Queue up #BeavisandButthead
  95. Ravens_247: CAMP NOTES: Atlanta hangover...Tucker on fire! http://t.co/Lab8dUXb #Ravens
  97. Ravens_247: @ochocinco You were just trying to head bump #HardKnocks ratings up right?
  98. Ravens_247: Is choosing Tucker over Cundiff really a risk for the #Ravens? http://t.co/e6yTzH3d
  99. Ravens_247: @mdtnvolfan Here's the thing DM, I see them regularly & you are exposed to them once/week. You have less data 2 j
  100. Ravens_247: Was in #Annapolis earlier at Pusser's and a few people there had no idea that the #Ravens had a practice at the N
  101. Ravens_247: @mdtnvolfan All good...
  102. Ravens_247: LaQuan Williams on the receiving end of a rope from Flacco on a post to the back of the end zone. Nice catch full
  103. Ravens_247: Matt Birk is practicing with the first team today.
  104. Ravens_247: MY estimated crowd for Ravens practice in Annapolis 8-10,000
  105. Ravens_247: Revised estimate of fans on hand in the 12-14K range
  106. Ravens_247: Tucker from 65 yards out is just short...
  107. Ravens_247: Tucker connects from 30, 41, 48 and 54...now he'll attempt a 65 yarder
  108. Ravens_247: Tucker up next....
  109. Ravens_247: Good news for Courtney Upshaw, got some reps with the 1's today in 11-on-11 drills
  110. Ravens_247: Taylor 2 Matt Balasavage the offense wanted a PI against Considine. They didn't get it. Leach pulls flag from sid
  111. Ravens_247: The announced attendance for the Ravens' second and final, fully open public practice was 20,335. Way to represen
  112. Ravens_247: CAMP NOTES: #Ravens Practice at the Naval Academy http://t.co/aWkfBhzT
  113. Ravens_247: CSI Ra#vens: Evidence suggests it's Tucker over Cundiff http://t.co/bOWfzU4j
  114. Ravens_247: DID YOU KNOW? #Ravens DE Ryan McBean was born on April 22, 1984 in Kingston, Jamaica
  115. Ravens_247: If there's a silver lining w/ McBean injury for #Ravens it will create some cap space @RavensSalaryCap http://t.c
  116. Ravens_247: How the McBean injury will impact #Ravens cap http://t.co/9qGfLjbm
  117. Ravens_247: Ravens under the scope...FILMSTUDY: Atlanta Browned out by #Ravens--Preseason Game 1 Review http://t.co/Sc1BtEYl
  118. Ravens_247: Will Cundiff's contract save or cost him his job? Answered here >>> http://t.co/r1m9pyBQ @RavensSalaryCap
  119. Ravens_247: @mdtnvolfan I think he can. #Rainey is not much of a S/T guy so if they can get contributions from others there,
  120. Ravens_247: If Cundiff stumbles be classy #Baltimore http://t.co/PGcPappT #Ravens
  121. Ravens_247: What happened to Lee Evans? http://t.co/pEcFWW7n #Ravens #Bills
  122. Ravens_247: The new #Ravens theme >>> http://t.co/UcLzi9zN
  123. Ravens_247: RT @kerzelpete: In his http://t.co/CYiGBxEz guest blog, Baltimore Sports Report's Zach Wilt compares arrivals of
  124. Ravens_247: @Everton525 Miss your # session?
  125. Ravens_247: CAMP NOTES: From August 14: http://t.co/BhiMdWF9 #Ravens
  126. Ravens_247: @mdtnvolfan #98Rock and #WBAL
  127. Ravens_247: Thompson building a case to make final 53 http://t.co/0FYFdfQG #Ravens
  128. Ravens_247: #Ravens likely to step down from the edge http://t.co/Veow9hZx
  129. Ravens_247: Who would hold down the edge for the #Ravens? Could the team's rush defense take a hit this year? http://t.co/ISj
  130. Ravens_247: CAMP NOTES: First #Ravens fight at training camp today. Guess who? >>> http://t.co/NvEclK0D
  131. Ravens_247: Long shot Rainey demanding attention from #Ravens coaches http://t.co/UA4r0Kbd
  132. Ravens_247: Every summer nite is made better because the #Orioles are in the pennant race. I sat & stared at this for a few m
  133. Ravens_247: #Ravens to receive 4 Compensatory Picks in 2013. And here's why >>> http://t.co/EpGRHNdK
  134. Ravens_247: #AnthonyAllen discusses his ongoing "job interview" with the #Ravens http://t.co/tlHDCUD5
  135. Ravens_247: @MattCLund @asianmegan @HopeFloats1985 @gemhulbert01 @Mandy_Knight08 @Hheever @megjoi @alarmingAMANDA and @BmoreC
  136. Ravens_247: Prediction for tonight >>> http://t.co/G133uQSL
  137. Ravens_247: Bruce Gradkowski to brother Gino: "Come Monday night (Sept 10) don't be looking for any handshakes because it's w
  138. Ravens_247: Guys who need to step up tonight: Allen, C. Brown, Berry, Doss, Cundiff #Ravens
  139. Ravens_247: @illistrader Upshaw makes his #Ravens debut tonight.
  140. Ravens_247: 15 needs to make that catch!
  141. Ravens_247: Look for Boldin to the post.
  142. Ravens_247: Flacco looking very poised and in complete control.
  143. Ravens_247: Detroit is pushing the Ravens O-line around...Ravens getting little push so far w/o blitz
  144. Ravens_247: Jimmy Smith sure does seem like a china doll so far this season
  145. Ravens_247: Ravens carry 3rd & short struggles from 2011 into this preseason. They need a big power back.
  146. Ravens_247: Lions D-Line is stout. Maybe they have alcohol on their breath and it's throwing the Ravens O-Line off.
  147. Ravens_247: #Ravens running game has plenty room for improvement
  148. Ravens_247: Cam Cameron's favorite play finally works...reverse to Jacooooooby.
  149. Ravens_247: Webb returning punts in preseason makes zero sense. Please put the tequila down Jerry Rosburg!
  150. Ravens_247: And fans have to pay for this fertilizer?
  151. Ravens_247: Does this officiating get paid by the flag?
  152. Ravens_247: The Ravens Corners should call the National Guard. Megatron is destroying them.
  153. Ravens_247: That's an INT if 20 is in the game. Considine very late to the ball.
  154. Ravens_247: C'mon Tyrod! Crazy Bill was wide open!
  155. Ravens_247: Hard to believe there's 3:49 left in Q2 in this "thriller"
  156. Ravens_247: Sergioooooooo
  157. Ravens_247: @DJBoesch I think JD Considine is a fine music journalist.
  158. Ravens_247: Of course it's preseason but the defense leaves us with some cause for concern as does the offensive line. #menat
  159. Ravens_247: Penalty, step out of bounds or not, Deonte Thompson makes the team.
  160. Ravens_247: 4 hour football games in 2012 season with under qualified officials...Goodell rejoices...more ad revenue
  161. Ravens_247: The Referee must own a laundromat
  162. Ravens_247: RT @BMoreBirdsNest: Getting to Verlander (not nearly as much as we could have) and then losing the bullpen battle
  163. Ravens_247: Lions and Tigers feasting on Birds tonight
  164. Ravens_247: 2 1/2 hours in and still 5 mins left in Q3. No Doz anyone?
  165. Ravens_247: What will Sandy Weil gather out of this mess?
  166. Ravens_247: So who is the stripper interviewing Joe Flacco?
  167. Ravens_247: Just thought about this...I asked my DVR for 30 extra mins. Not enough tonight.
  168. Ravens_247: Berry deserves a spot far more than Allen. Not even close.
  169. Ravens_247: Take a knee?
  170. Ravens_247: @McCallister_A I would have bet her name was Desiree
  171. Ravens_247: Now there's the Curtis Paint-by-numbers that we've seen all training camp
  172. Ravens_247: Omar Brown is a ball hog...great thing to be as a defender
  173. Ravens_247: @RavensJ5 #CurtisPainter won't make the team. Nor should he.
  174. Ravens_247: Can't wait for Fox 45 to break away from the Flacco presser so Bruce Cunningham can ask Wally Williams what his f
  175. Ravens_247: #Ravens passed out 5 hour energy drinks to fans tonight as they exited the stadium.
  176. Ravens_247: @mattvensel He's wrong!
  177. Ravens_247: Cundiff thinks kicking job is his to lose http://t.co/HCPn8avn #Ravens
  178. Ravens_247: #RAVENS v. LIONS: Here's the Good, Bad, Ugly & #MeganFox of last night's snoozer http://t.co/fax6WHMy
  179. Ravens_247: I'm thinking #Ravens Billy Cundiff is delirious if he thinks the kicking job is STILL his to lose: http://t.co/oc
  180. Ravens_247: @masnRoch What a BS call. I'm proud that he and Buck got tossed!
  181. Ravens_247: ATTENTION #FantasyFootballers. Buffalo Wild Wings is giving away $100 & a draft kit 2 host your draft party. Deta
  182. Ravens_247: @masnRoch Write that off to being preseason for FOX too? If you see her on your team's sideline, the network didn
  183. Ravens_247: Justin Tucker: "There is no animosity" with Billy Cundiff http://t.co/BqB13S09
  184. Ravens_247: RT @jeffzrebiecsun: Following last night, #Ravens WR Anquan Boldin told my colleague @SchmuckStop that "they've r
  185. Ravens_247: @jeffzrebiecsun stops covering O's and look what happens! Should he stay away from the #Ravens? #kidding
  186. Ravens_247: @jeffzrebiecsun So what you are saying is that the #Ravens are looking ok heading into November?
  187. Ravens_247: @JasonButtCBS Was does injured on the play?
  188. Ravens_247: RT @DKnobler: Orioles are winning 70 percent of their close (1 or 2 run) games. Last team to do that: The 1954 In
  189. Ravens_247: RT @RavenManiac: There is a country ho-down at practice today, Jacoby Jones showing some of the line dancing move
  190. Ravens_247: @RavensJ5 These are the hard hitting questions BC is known for #dripping sarcasm
  191. Ravens_247: @mdtnvolfan My take on the game: http://t.co/urpRJIMI
  192. Ravens_247: @Ravens @Artj97 Well if how Art dominated #GinoGradkowski in that scrum is any indication then here's a message t
  193. Ravens_247: @mdtnvolfan Given Vinny's NFL track record I will go with the choices of Harbaugh & Co. every day of the week & t
  194. Ravens_247: Matt Birk kicks off Back-to-School Program: http://t.co/WppFrQiK #Ravens
  195. Ravens_247: FILMSTUDY: #Ravens pass rush doesn't deliver v. #DetroitLions: http://t.co/cFCIuMie
  196. Ravens_247: GOOBVISION RETURNS: Check out how #Ravens fans destroy the names of some of their favorite team's players: http:/
  197. Ravens_247: Take 1: Projecting the Baltimore #Ravens Final 53 man roster: http://t.co/hTyA2vKs #TheTurk
  198. Ravens_247: #Ravens add another kicker to the competition? He would be the game's highest paid specialist: http://t.co/t6m8lg
  199. Ravens_247: RT @CharmCityNow: Former Baltimore Raven O.J. Brigance Inspires Towson University Football Team http://t.co/F27jt
  200. Ravens_247: RT @BalSportsReport: I hope to live in a world where both Chris Tillman and Zach Britton are good pitchers.
  201. Ravens_247: RT @CSNbaltimore: #Orioles lead MLB w/ 43 wins in gms decided by 2 runs or fewer. On pace to be 4th team ever to
  202. Ravens_247: @dmradov Best of luck Daniel!
  203. Ravens_247: RT @BWWings: We have more TVs than you have fantasy football teams. And if you have more than 30 teams, you might
  204. Ravens_247: Today must be take your kid to work day for the #Ravens. http://t.co/krwIhbcH
  205. Ravens_247: @BaltimoreLuke I remember channel surfing that night and thinking that it was a graphic error. When Gary Thorne s
  206. Ravens_247: Baltimore #Ravens Rainey might get rained out of final 53 http://t.co/4U1Jef2S
  207. Ravens_247: @elishearn I don't think Allen makes the cut either.
  208. Ravens_247: @elishearn Pierce isn't that kind of back.
  209. Ravens_247: @mdtnvolfan 1. Get run game going; 2. Improve on third down on both sides of ball; 3. Better play from the front
  210. Ravens_247: RT @TheCoachsBuzz: The Coach's Buzz 8/22 show with @Ravens_247 and the Ravens247 Report, O's talk and more. http:
  211. Ravens_247: 'Next man up' credo easier said than done in 2012...Ravens front 7 to be challenged to remain 1 of NFL's best htt
  212. Ravens_247: RT @BalSportsReport: Terrell Suggs And Ryan Clark Became BFFs This Offseason http://t.co/NBYxqjiv
  213. Ravens_247: @mattvensel Remove those 2 and it approaches zero! #Ravens
  214. Ravens_247: Six Pack of Boh - Ravens vs. Jaguars http://t.co/7r9Sx2Nk
  215. Ravens_247: @AC_volley No he works at Fox 45 in Baltimore.
  216. Ravens_247: RT @CSNbaltimore: Preview tonight's #Ravens vs. #Jaguars game before it airs tonight @ 7:30 p.m. on Comcast Sport
  217. Ravens_247: Jah Reid is out again tonight...no truth to the rumors that he's changing his first name to Wah.
  218. Ravens_247: O-Line shake up tonight for Ravens. Yanda sits with what is believe to be a minor injury. Williams starts at RG,
  219. Ravens_247: Looks like it's Justin Tucker's job 2 lose. Sources reporting he will do all kicking tonight. Perfect nite = job
  220. Ravens_247: #FF @JMichaelCSN for a new and fresh perspective on the Baltimore #Ravens beat!
  221. Ravens_247: Scab refs...when will they go away?
  222. Ravens_247: @qweenofdiamonds @RavenManiac Meghan, it's only just begun. #biggerhatsizerequired
  223. Ravens_247: Bryant McKinnie and Kelechi Osemele looking like a pair that hasn't had many reps together on that sack of Flacco
  224. Ravens_247: Source indicates that Billy Cundiff has hinted that his days as a Raven are over.
  225. Ravens_247: Torrey Smith could be a beast in 2012...the result of what happens when someone with talent works his ass off to
  226. Ravens_247: Happy Birthday wishes @BMoreBirdsNest ... Have a great time brother!
  227. Ravens_247: @PhilBackert Completely agree. You only need to look at the AFCC game as proof.
  228. Ravens_247: #Ravens again struggling to contain an opponent's No. 1 WR
  229. Ravens_247: Ravens play-by-play guy described that drop by Torrey Smith as "a stupendous catch." When did Jim Hunter start br
  230. Ravens_247: Jacoby Jones catching the ball is a bit like watching Chris Davis play first base.
  231. Ravens_247: Sounds like the Ravens will do the classy thing and give Billy Cundiff an extra week to hook on with another team
  232. Ravens_247: Bobbie Williams auditioning to be a matador? C'mon BW!
  233. Ravens_247: Flacco in total command. Nice check off to the #Rainey run despite the play being called back.
  234. Ravens_247: MJD's price is going up! #Blaine Gabbert is pretty bad.
  235. Ravens_247: Flacco really beginning to refine the nuances of the position. Great ball handling there to draw in the LB to hel
  236. Ravens_247: And with that interception there goes #Flacco's QB rating, for those who actually care about that sort of thing i
  237. Ravens_247: The one area that drives me nuts with No. 5 is his ball security under pressure.
  238. Ravens_247: Time for the #Ravens to rest your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Nice game @lwebb21.
  239. Ravens_247: Kruger is not having a good game and Upshaw hasn't been very noticeable. #notlivingontheedge
  240. Ravens_247: Torrey Smith really rounding out his game.
  241. Ravens_247: Kick coverage has been poor tonight. For those who think Tucker lacks distance on kickoffs, he's been instructed
  242. Ravens_247: B. Rainey seeing time with the first team is clearly a statement. I blogged earlier this week that he'd be on the
  243. Ravens_247: @jpaff99 Don't question him as a pass rusher. He's not held the edge well in run support.
  244. Ravens_247: Scobee doobie don't
  245. Ravens_247: Can't get upset w/ the scabs refs though. This is on Goodell and his cronies. Like asking Stevie Wonder to judge
  246. Ravens_247: BS call by these scabs on Jimmy Smith.
  247. Ravens_247: So many people beat up on Cam Cameron and at times I completely get that...but why does Jerry Rosburg get an EZPa
  248. Ravens_247: FLACCO...FLACCO...FLACCO looks all grown up. Nicely done Joe. Now take a break until September 10!
  249. Ravens_247: Tyrod Taylor for short yardage plays anyone?
  250. Ravens_247: RT @RossTuckerNFL: Flacco is a total stud. If U don't see that by now I can't help U. Whisenhunt would cut off hi