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  1. Ravens_247: @gryshardygal No Raven is wearing No. 3.
  2. Ravens_247: The Grapevine: Ngata closing in on new deal? Plus more news, rumors & speculation:http://t.co/przdH2K via @AddThi
  3. Ravens_247: @gryshardygal Let me clarify...no one will be wearing No. 3 permanently although Ed Reed has been wearing it duri
  4. Ravens_247: TRAINING CAMP NOTES: Defense Finds its Swagger: http://t.co/lYhc17M via @AddThis
  5. Ravens_247: @gryshardygal I would be surprised if Stover's No. 3 isn't retired.
  6. Ravens_247: TRAINING CAMP NOTES: August 3 Scrimmaging Results/Stats: http://t.co/9XHDmsb via @AddThis
  7. Ravens_247: @BMoreBirdsNest Sorry, COD = Change of Direction
  8. Ravens_247: keep an eye on RB Damien Berry who has quick feet and very good COD skills. Unfortunately Berry has been plagued
  9. Ravens_247: Don?t be too quick to pencil in Ed Dickson as the starter at TE. Dennis Pitta w/o a doubt will compete for the jo
  10. Ravens_247: @MichaelCeriale @AddThis I think you need to do a little homework on Bisciotti. I think your research will prove
  11. Ravens_247: If you miss Todd Heap, don't watch this video:http://t.co/ed9zLVJ
  12. Ravens_247: @JasonLaCanfora As historical as the signing of The Declaration of Independence ;-)
  13. Ravens_247: Ravens front office fumbles an opportunity with McGahee contract. The unforgiveable sin here: http://t.co/W7xsEng
  14. Ravens_247: What is STILL the Ravens No. 1 hole to fill by trade or free agency? Vote here: http://t.co/tadVkJ1
  15. Ravens_247: RT @ProFootballTalk: Steelers create cap room by doing long-term deal with LaMarr Woodley http://t.co/GgrsGWu
  16. Ravens_247: FILMSTUDY: A Day in the Life of Vonta Leach...for real football fans only!: http://t.co/FtWR294 via @AddThis
  17. Ravens_247: Newspapers & Magazines in the bathroom have been made obsolete by smart phones...just sayin'!
  18. Ravens_247: Shouldn't today be the first Purple Friday? Props @gryshardygal
  19. Ravens_247: Ravens could have totally avoided McGahee cap charges if they had been more proactive back in March. Story here:
  20. Ravens_247: Might Mason still be in Ravens plans? He's not a Jet yet. More here: http://t.co/NKo34ZP
  21. Ravens_247: Harbs. "Wow, this guy comes out and has two huge hits in the backfield on pass rushes" Who is "this guy"? Find ou
  22. Ravens_247: Ravens? full-team finally gets to practice. Get the inside skinny here (no ice cream today): http://t.co/vnr5A9F
  23. Ravens_247: A Day in the Life of Vonta Leach...we put the Ravens FB in the crosshairs...let's go to the filmstudy: http://t.c
  24. Ravens_247: @RavenManiac Could that be the theme of a future Goobvision?
  25. Ravens_247: Ed Reed's day off: http://t.co/SmeNlFE
  26. Ravens_247: Should we read into the fact that Flacco chose vanilla? http://t.co/5JuD3Aa
  27. Ravens_247: Goodell & Smith on NFLN today to sign the CBA live @ 11am. Is it as important as this: http://t.co/di7O11k
  28. Ravens_247: @writerjmk44 Nice! http://t.co/VJRoG0u
  29. Ravens_247: @ClaytonESPN And I always thought Crowder would want to play with his "buddy" Le'Ron McClain.
  30. Ravens_247: RT @jamisonhensley: Here's fans guide to #Ravens open practice at M&T Bank Stadium tomorrow http://bsun.md/pbC6FW
  31. Ravens_247: B Edwards deal w/ 49ers is 1yr/$1M w/ no guarantees. Only reaches $3.5M max w/ 90 catches/Pro Bowl (@JasonLaCanfo
  32. Ravens_247: Are Ngata's agents preventing a Malcom Floyd signing? http://t.co/fWwqgHF
  33. Ravens_247: Bring back Jared Gaither (in Week 2)...and here's why: http://t.co/Dmxox8x
  34. Ravens_247: @wagner911 Might that have been a smokescreen (pun intended)?
  35. Ravens_247: According @AdamSchefter Former Bears center Olin Kruetz reached agreement with Saints...take him down from your R
  36. Ravens_247: U would think the Ravens were trying 2 sign Larry Fitzgerald & not Malcom Floyd. This might explain the snail's c
  37. Ravens_247: RT @ClaytonESPN: Olin Kreutz was talking to three other teams, including the Ravens, but he likes the New Orleans
  38. Ravens_247: @GaryCourtier http://t.co/NTLhcnh
  39. Ravens_247: @7552john I'll look into that...not sure.
  40. Ravens_247: RT @TheJoshWilson: Sorry tweeps I need to get me a burgundy and gold pic and drop this old one...my bad....#HTTR
  41. Ravens_247: Ravens signed CB Chris Carr to a 4yr/$15M deal. Skins got Josh Wilson on a 3yr/$13.5M deal w/ a $6M signing bonus
  42. Ravens_247: @elishearn Big deals take time for sure but that doesn't explain why other teams have extended their franchise pl
  43. Ravens_247: THE GRAPEVINE: Ravens have nada without Ngata extension...Rumors, Speculation, Senseless Innuendo (j/k): http://t
  44. Ravens_247: Per DCRTV Channel 7 in DC will carry Ravens preseason games. Skins are on Channel 4. What if a B'more TV station
  45. Ravens_247: Floyd off market...No wonder John Harbaugh was texting Derrick Mason yesterday.
  46. Ravens_247: RT @ClaytonESPN: Malcolm Floyd tested the free agent market and found it better to take a two-year deal with the
  47. Ravens_247: How big is that $2.5 M cap waste on McGahee looking now? Ravens front office isn't looking good at the moment: ht
  48. Ravens_247: Randy Moss anyone?
  49. Ravens_247: Mason? Houshmandzadeh? Q. Ismail? T. Taylor? D. Darling? Who will it be now?
  50. Ravens_247: What grade would you give Ozzie Newsome so far during this free agency period? Cast your vote here in our poll se
  51. Ravens_247: Harbs on a new WR: "'I think we would be happy to bring in a very good player. I think we have room for one."
  52. Ravens_247: Smash Mouth Returning to M&T? http://t.co/kx6EMzx
  53. Ravens_247: I'm done protecting just because people look at The Sun as this bastion of trust. They are NOT. They lie & steal
  54. Ravens_247: RAVENS SALARY CAP UPDATE: http://t.co/jvustn9 via @AddThis
  55. Ravens_247: Smash Mouth Football Returning to Baltimore -- by default. More here on the front office bumblings: http://t.co/Z
  56. Ravens_247: RAVENS NOTEBOOK: Battle in secondary to start alongside Reed plus the latest news & notes: http://t.co/DByjepx vi
  57. Ravens_247: Mason: ?Hope to come to a decision very shortly?...Does he have the Ravens by the short hairs or what?: http://t.
  58. Ravens_247: @tayloraboyd Please share...I'll post them in our photo galleries. What lot are you in? Will try and stop by afte
  59. Ravens_247: @Ant416 Just calling it like I see it. Which part(s) do you disagree with?
  60. Ravens_247: Today's attendance is 24,078
  61. Ravens_247: @jpaff99 But doesn't Cam run a similar system?
  62. Ravens_247: O's are hoping for half that tonight
  63. Ravens_247: Haloti Ngata signing autographs. The best one would upon a new contract!
  64. Ravens_247: Tune into 105.7 now for salary cap talk w/ Brian McFarland
  65. Ravens_247: RT @AdamSchefter: After deciding to join the Jets, WR Derrick Mason said: "I?m looking forward to working under R
  66. Ravens_247: @Ant416 Just not happy w/ how they've handled the offseason. I'm not really upset about the cuts, just the way th
  67. Ravens_247: And don't believe the rumors about Cotchery either. More agent spin.
  68. Ravens_247: I asked a source w/ knowledge if Ravens were surprised Mason accepted Jets low offer they said, "No, a low offer
  69. Ravens_247: Mason didn't spurn the Ravens.
  70. Ravens_247: @ProFootballTalk This is wrong...this is right:http://t.co/pL2ga9s
  71. Ravens_247: Despite Reported Free Agent Misses Ravens STILL a Player's Choice http://t.co/pL2ga9s
  72. Ravens_247: @CrankyRichEisen Doubtful
  73. Ravens_247: @spollock1228 They want to get younger...some new guys will have to step up.
  74. Ravens_247: @elishearn Believe it or not they may be executing plan A
  75. Ravens_247: @Merlenea It's time to move on. Outstanding 6 years for Mase
  76. Ravens_247: @jpaff99 System is the Coryell/Zampese one...Norv is a better play caller...until the game is on the line.
  77. Ravens_247: @gryshardygal LOL...I warned you!
  78. Ravens_247: @CharmCityNow Don't hate on D Mase...all good...just the biz of the NFL
  79. Ravens_247: @BeBreezyMan They may take a swing at a camp casualty, someone big who can get downfield. But it won't be older v
  80. Ravens_247: Mason runs fly pattern to Jets: http://t.co/pZydsax via @AddThis
  81. Ravens_247: In Baltimore, defense still rules: http://t.co/sRXQGoC via @AddThis
  82. Ravens_247: RAVENS NOTEBOOK: Cundiff maintains Pro Bowl form, boots 58-yarder, Jimmy Smith limited in practice: http://t.co/l
  83. Ravens_247: During a WBAL interview, Suggs offered this prediction: ?Yeah, we?re going to win the Super Bowl.?
  84. Ravens_247: Facebooker? Please "like" us here: http://t.co/NKCGF9v
  85. Ravens_247: @umduscuo That is correct!
  86. Ravens_247: @umduscuo Agent spin...if this was front office spin, wouldn't they pick a much bigger media outlet than Ravens24
  87. Ravens_247: @umduscuo I think Torrey Smith will overcome the odds and be that guy...unless there is a cut from another team t
  88. Ravens_247: Ravens' fans struggle with team's youth movement: http://t.co/qXOax6X via @AddThis
  89. Ravens_247: @TFrock24 @AddThis Thanks Tim!
  90. Ravens_247: Anyone notice the young girl (presumably Deion's daughter) wearing the black No. 37 Sanders jersey during his ind
  91. Ravens_247: Standing by our report that the Ravens DID NOT offer a contract to Derrick Mason, just as we stood by our Bulger
  92. Ravens_247: At the end of the day, Ravens wanted to amicably part ways with Mason. The youth movement is on!
  93. Ravens_247: @Joshua_Late Some media spin now saying that the Ravens offered Mason a NON-GUARANTEED vet minimum deal. Even if
  94. Ravens_247: @Joshua_Late I think the Ravens will add depth to the O-Line (C/G swingman), RB and QB.
  95. Ravens_247: @donnarj1971 Those things were real and they didn't want to take away a friend's leverage. Several media reports
  96. Ravens_247: @CrankyRichEisen Evans is probably not performing to his contract & that could pt. To a cut...particularly w/ the
  97. Ravens_247: @CrankyRichEisen If the reports that Buffalo wants to move Evans are true, I say the Ravens will just wait to see
  98. Ravens_247: @CrankyRichEisen No I don't. My guess is that Evans could be cut. Bills are cheap and Evans isn't performing to h
  99. Ravens_247: Ravens "news" is sometimes a byproduct of agent spin: http://t.co/KcbRAxW via @AddThis
  100. Ravens_247: Oher Working Hard to Improve his Game: http://t.co/SuHmKqU via @AddThis
  101. Ravens_247: @gryshardygal @RavensInsider @1WinningDrive TJ thinks he'll hook on with some time. I think it will NOT be the Ra
  102. Ravens_247: @RavenManiac Your friend was ripped off ;-)
  103. Ravens_247: @RobLongSports Rock it today R-O-B L-O-N-G
  104. Ravens_247: Should the Ravens have offered Mason a guaranteed deal > the Jets $910,000 offer? So far 66% say no. What do you
  105. Ravens_247: Lee Evans to Baltimore? Rut-roh, here we go again! Weigh in with your thoughts here: http://t.co/DKue6b8
  106. Ravens_247: Observations from Ravens M&T Bank Stadium Practice PLUS Q4 red zone results for first and second team : http://t.
  107. Ravens_247: Are the Ravens flirting with disaster at backup QB?: http://t.co/UjeiAtV via @AddThis
  108. Ravens_247: @OriolesHangout Probably part of an asbestos case settlement.
  109. Ravens_247: @unhlthyscratch @AddThis Nicely done!
  110. Ravens_247: @NattyBoh68 God bless you all for watching at all. I can't!
  111. Ravens_247: Great read on Ricky Williams from the Sun Sentinel: http://t.co/sq1dASC
  112. Ravens_247: @JasonLaCanfora Hopefully he's just looking for a crabcake dinner and not a contract.
  113. Ravens_247: Ravens' fans suffer growing pains during team's youth movement http://t.co/YiUPGnp
  114. Ravens_247: I'm thinking the only thing that Cotchery will get if and when he arrives in B'more is one of these: http://t.co/
  115. Ravens_247: @LIKEY5 10.6 yds/catch & suspect hands are hard to get excited about. I don't think he's coming & if does my bet
  116. Ravens_247: @Ravens_247 @LIKEY5 oh and let's not forget the guy flunked his Jets physical after back surgery.
  117. Ravens_247: @kazybrown I think Troy Smith has played his last game as a Raven. He's popular with the players but that's about
  118. Ravens_247: Hearing rumors that Matt Birk may require microfracture surgery. If true Y would Ravens invest limited cap $$ in
  119. Ravens_247: @mdgolfer1956 I don't understand the logic of bringing him in...it flies in the face of the youth movement at WR.
  120. Ravens_247: @mdgolfer1956 That doesn't mean he didn't take a physical. But out of respect 2 Cotchery they might not release r
  121. Ravens_247: @mdgolfer1956 @LIKEY5 I know he failed the Jets physical. I wouldn't think the Steelers would do the physical unl
  122. Ravens_247: Looking for Vonta Leach & R. Williams to wear out tired defenses in short yardage situations this season.
  123. Ravens_247: @CrankyRichEisen He needs to be healthy before they can release him...can't cut an injured player.
  124. Ravens_247: @bmoreumissedit I've been told that deal is nearly complete.
  125. Ravens_247: @rmthawk64 Ravens are saying 3-4 weeks. I have no reason not to believe them.
  126. Ravens_247: @rmthawk64 Didn't say that. What I said is if Birk is out 4 the opener center should be a higher priority than ba
  127. Ravens_247: @BMoreBirdsNest @RavenManiac I think he's a WR and rumor is he's visiting the Ravens today.
  128. Ravens_247: RT @PMGleason: New picture -- about 6ft x 5ft -- outside the Ravens' locker room in Owings Mills. "W.I.N." (What'
  129. Ravens_247: ?He?ll take some of the load off of Ray and make him last longer out there,? quarterback Joe Flacco said of Ricky
  130. Ravens_247: @BMoreBirdsNest None! All of the practices have been scaled back by the new CBA.
  131. Ravens_247: Enigmatic Ricky Williams signed to back up Ray Rice: http://t.co/UQm3Zwe via @AddThis
  132. Ravens_247: RAVENS NOTEBOOK: Ed Dickson pulled hamstring; Cotchery scheduled for a visit: http://t.co/1cv5GyJ via @AddThis
  133. Ravens_247: A change has come for the Ravens and their fans: http://t.co/v8dWZH1 via @AddThis
  135. Ravens_247: RT @RavensInsider: Jerricho Cotchery took a physical today at Ravens' training complex followed by meetings with
  136. Ravens_247: WTH is going on with the Ravens?: http://t.co/kug55UK via @AddThis
  137. Ravens_247: RT @DanKolko: #Ravens roster moves: NT Brandon McKinney (knee) has been activated off PUP, G Kyle Calloway has be
  138. Ravens_247: He maybe venting a bit. But I can tell you that he's a very good writer!
  139. Ravens_247: RT @DanKolko: Ricky Williams says he has a deal in place with Jalen Parmele to take his No. 34. The two RBs were
  140. Ravens_247: @OriolesHangout Andino is a clock puncher. He doesn't respect the game.
  141. Ravens_247: @PriscoCBS You know yor really are a Richard Head some times.
  142. Ravens_247: @PriscoCBS Usually u make me laugh. Not this time. But I can live with it. Just call me the douchebag whisperer a
  143. Ravens_247: Showalter Gomer Pyled it and tucked his tail and trotted like the cowardly lion back to the dugout. At least the
  144. Ravens_247: Troy Smith returning to the Ravens is not going to happen. Anthony Wright has a better chance of returning.
  145. Ravens_247: Word is Harbs doesn't like Troy Smith & it's no coincidence that his brother cut him too.
  146. Ravens_247: Earl Weaver would have used an ejection to bring up every f-up an ump ever had...not Buck Showalter...
  147. Ravens_247: RT @ProFootballTalk: Report: Cardinals interested in Lee Evans http://t.co/fQbXFZj
  148. Ravens_247: @ANGRYOrioleBird Time for you to start watching games at a sports bar.
  149. Ravens_247: I'm thinking that Stoney Case is more likely to be the Ravens backup than Troy Smith.
  150. Ravens_247: Maybe Troy Smith can be the back up...back up the Ravens plane to the JetWay: http://t.co/kxRdOmS
  151. Ravens_247: Best Ravens backup QB in team history shown in this picture: http://t.co/LKHfBes
  152. Ravens_247: Jerricho Cotchery news: http://t.co/kDmeBAz
  153. Ravens_247: Was this guy the best Ravens backup in team history? http://t.co/LKHfBes
  154. Ravens_247: Vote for the best backup QB in Ravens history here: http://t.co/KxPWEEz
  155. Ravens_247: @TimTheEnchanter He mocked 52.
  156. Ravens_247: It's LOL when fans say "Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl!" It's like saying Ringo Starr made The Beatles. Vote here:
  157. Ravens_247: Ricky Williams: A Rebel WITH a Cause! Read more about RW's 1st official day as a Raven here: http://t.co/d8slpNB
  158. Ravens_247: "Football is how I put food on the table," Rick y Williams said after practice yesterday (cont).
  159. Ravens_247: RW (cont): "[Football is] my passion and it's what I love to do, but I think it's important to keep things in per
  160. Ravens_247: Why Ricky joined Ravens: "I thought I would fit in well in this situation and be able to enjoy myself and possib
  161. Ravens_247: According to Aaron Wilson Veteran WR Jerricho Cotchery visited the Ravens Tuesday and took a physical, but wasn't
  162. Ravens_247: The new look Ricky Williams: http://t.co/fzGQk1V
  163. Ravens_247: Ray Lewis, safety Ed Reed, defensive tackle Haloti Ngata and linebacker Terrell Suggs will play sparingly Thursda
  164. Ravens_247: Offensive tackle Ramon Harewood (knees) and wide receiver David Reed (wrist surgery) remain on the physically una
  165. Ravens_247: Defensive end Cory Redding resumed practicing after sitting out Monday for undisclosed reasons.
  166. Ravens_247: @Rayvensfan Reed, yes...Harewood I'm not sure. They might be playing some "games" to get him on to the practice s
  167. Ravens_247: @RavenManiac Honeymooning @M&T?
  168. Ravens_247: Note to Buck...if u r going to get tossed make it memorable. There are no bouncers in baseball!
  169. Ravens_247: @MikeyGilz True but that argument was w/ Singletary...
  170. Ravens_247: Sweet....a terrible towel BBQ! More polution than Gulf oil spill
  171. Ravens_247: RT @sportspickle: Baltimore Orioles Begin Selling Playoff Tickets Just to See What Happens -- http://t.co/1O3VCUF
  172. Ravens_247: Baltimore Ravens Run This Town video: http://t.co/qJBW11F
  173. Ravens_247: @ALLsportsINTEL Evans is a better fit. I've been reporting that the Ravens aren't interested in Cotchery. More li
  174. Ravens_247: Ravens will receive the maximum number of compensatory picks in the 2012 NFL Draft...4
  175. Ravens_247: @kazybrown KB...need 4 tix for Chargers game...want to sit with you crazies from West Wing!
  176. Ravens_247: @kazybrown When will you buy? I'd like to dominate with you guys!
  177. Ravens_247: @jadh To Be Determined...Picks are based on $$$, post season awards and playing time.
  178. Ravens_247: @kazybrown What level?
  179. Ravens_247: In college when you copied someone else's work w/o giving credit they called it plagiarism. The Sun calls it rese
  180. Ravens_247: @RavenManiac @kazybrown Staying here Dec 15-19: http://t.co/62QM3Em
  181. Ravens_247: @rickersays WORD!
  182. Ravens_247: RT @Baltimoremag: In Good Taste Everybody goes to Gino's: At least, they will when it opens on Aug. 20. I stopped
  183. Ravens_247: @TimTheEnchanter McClain, Chester, Landry & Wilson.
  184. Ravens_247: @TimTheEnchanter Good point and great observation.
  185. Ravens_247: RT @buffalobills: Read what #Bills WR Lee Evans had to say about his name tied to trade #rumors> http://ow.ly/602
  186. Ravens_247: Word is Tyrod Taylor doesn't mind the comparisons to Mike Vick. Sort of like I don't mind the comparisons to Brad
  187. Ravens_247: After looking into the Ravens comp pics ([email protected] for the heads up) Ravens only assured of 1 comp p
  188. Ravens_247: Signings of Pollard, Leach, Williams offset loss of Wilson, Landry, Chester. McClain loss, playing time salaries
  189. Ravens_247: @DTaylorEvoX WORD!
  190. Ravens_247: Could eventually work out that the Ravens get 2 comp picks. Tony Moll, Stallworth & F. Washington could also fact
  191. Ravens_247: @CrankyRichEisen Perhaps...or they can see if he's released. Cardinals said to be interested too.
  192. Ravens_247: @donnarj1971 True but at least a ReTweet gives the original Tweet credit. These twits try to pass off someone els
  193. Ravens_247: Our new spokesperson. http://t.co/9YJ84OY
  194. Ravens_247: RAVENS NOTEBOOK: Kruger having an impressive camp; Ray hints at retirement; Taylor to get plenty of snaps: http:/
  195. Ravens_247: As expected the Ravens have opted to say "no go" to Jerricho [Cotchery].
  196. Ravens_247: Ravens Preseason Preview...battles to watch tonight: http://t.co/cYE369r via @AddThis
  197. Ravens_247: I've been thinking, people who live in stone houses should not throw glasses.
  198. Ravens_247: @gryshardygal NICE! Looks more like a milk shake though, LOL!
  199. Ravens_247: @AlbertBreer Great call Albert....thought the same thing and in many ways the Ravens try to emulate the Pats & St
  200. Ravens_247: @RavensJ5 No...doesn't mean it won't or can't happen but the Ravens are usually tight lipped about things they ma
  201. Ravens_247: RT @RavensInsider: Chiefs sign former Ravens OT Jared Gaither.
  202. Ravens_247: @kazybrown Yes....signings of Pollard, Leach and Williams offset 3 picks.
  203. Ravens_247: Gaither's departure makes 10. Others: McClain, Wilson, Landry, Chester, Moll, Mason, McGahee, Heap, Gregg. 1st 5
  204. Ravens_247: Forgot Stallworth and Washington...so that's 12 players...increasing the potential for comp picks...thanks to Mik
  205. Ravens_247: @mwyche2 TBD...maximum of 4 depending upon how many FA's they sign weighed against lost while considering a few v
  206. Ravens_247: @mwyche2 Well they need a center and a backup QB. I could see them signing players who are cut & that wouldn't im
  207. Ravens_247: @mwyche2 Borrowing from Cam: Players can look great in practice. Let's see what they do when we introduce the thr
  208. Ravens_247: Setting the record straight on potential Ravens Compensatory Picks once and for all: http://t.co/P9CJlza via @Add
  209. Ravens_247: WBAL's broadcast is so state of the art...NOT...they don't even use the yellow first down line
  210. Ravens_247: Third down defense 0 for 5
  211. Ravens_247: Kick Returning is no longer a career in the NFL. This 35yd kickoff line makes the game far less exciting. Nice jo
  212. Ravens_247: PRESEASON: Ravens @ Eagles: The Good, Bad, Ugly & The Megan Fox: http://t.co/zP1UEGx
  213. Ravens_247: Ravens Weaknesses are Obvious and the Ravens front office needs to act NOW!: http://t.co/gKuXl2u via @AddThis
  214. Ravens_247: Well our guy who normally does that is out this week so I can plug his in instead
  215. Ravens_247: RT @AdamSchefter: Filed to ESPN: Buffalo has traded WR Lee Evans traded to Baltimore.
  216. Ravens_247: @Olsen_Don I think he looked very decent run blocking. Nice effort by the coach's son.
  217. Ravens_247: I now hope Jamison Hensley predicts that the Ravens won't make a trade for a backup QB or offensive lineman. Just
  218. Ravens_247: RT @CJSPILLER: Man wanna say thanks to the homie lee Evans for everything he did while here as a buffalo bill gre
  219. Ravens_247: Lee Evans has 2 years remaining under his current deal. Look for the Ravens to restructure it.
  220. Ravens_247: @BMoreBirdsNest Great call...fill the HEEEEEEEEEEEEAP void! BMore got it first...but hey watch out...someone else
  221. Ravens_247: Lee Evans is a Raven! Here's the article: http://t.co/I3Bb1RQ via @AddThis
  222. Ravens_247: Now if Ozzie could convince J.O. and Bulger out of retirement, what a day this would be!
  223. Ravens_247: Harbs on Evans Part II: "[He] will fit in well on our team. We?re all looking forward to going to work with him.?
  224. Ravens_247: Harbs on Evans Part I: ?We?re excited about getting Lee Evans. He?s a proven player in this league and a quality
  225. Ravens_247: @espnafc_north @BigJuice216 And the Bills would have preferred a Browns No. 4
  226. Ravens_247: Rough night for tackles raises questions for Ravens. How will the team tackle the problem?: http://t.co/gwpZFvu v
  227. Ravens_247: @umduscuo It will likely be the offensive lineman...could be a second-tier guard and they bump Yanda outside unti
  228. Ravens_247: Ozzie has addressed WR. What does he need to do next? Cast your vote here: http://t.co/tadVkJ1 GO RAVENS!
  229. Ravens_247: Sergio Kindle: 'Overall, it was a nice outing'...Get the whole story here: http://t.co/jjVd0AD via @AddThis
  230. Ravens_247: You will NOT find a better analysis of the Ravens @ Eagles game ANYWHERE on the web than this: http://t.co/i8Gjjb
  231. Ravens_247: Finally out of Buffalo, wide receiver Lee Evans has sights on deep playoff run with the Ravens - Video Interview
  232. Ravens_247: RAVENS NOTEBOOK: Yanda, Cody sidelined at practice: http://t.co/c5zSoSM via @AddThis
  233. Ravens_247: Evans happy to be a Raven: http://t.co/RKh3604 via @AddThis
  234. Ravens_247: FILMSTUDY: A Review of Lee Evans 2010: http://t.co/x6ffMhi via @AddThis
  235. Ravens_247: @umduscuo No doubt
  236. Ravens_247: Guest Bills' columnist labels Ravens "winners" in trade for Lee Evans. Read it here: http://t.co/E4s4jzN via @Add
  237. Ravens_247: @umduscuo Doubtful @ this time. Teams after next week will have 2 start trimming rosters. I'm sure Ozzie is locke
  238. Ravens_247: In our latest episode of RaveOnTV Goob takes on sports talk callers & says "Trust in Ozzie!" http://t.co/qJBW11F
  239. Ravens_247: Who is on your Ravens Mt. Rushmore? Here's ours: http://t.co/CHZ9AQr
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