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    I'm no conspiracy theorist but...

    Who's bright idea was it to schedule us with a road game at Pitt, then a short week and road game at San Diego, then ahome game vs Pitt. I mean we ae good but that is brutal.

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    Re: I'm no conspiracy theorist but...

    And you are just realizing this?

    It was talked about when the schedule came out and has been brought up quite a bit the last several weeks.

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    Re: I'm no conspiracy theorist but...

    Aren't the schedules randomly generated years in advance?
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    Re: I'm no conspiracy theorist but...

    Quote Originally Posted by akashicrecorder View Post
    Aren't the schedules randomly generated years in advance?
    How can they be? Every team plays 2 games per year that depend on relative orders of finish from the year before. I suppose they could slot them in advance, but that ignores any possibility of conflict with other events.

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    Re: I'm no conspiracy theorist but...

    The schedule isn't made in advance. 6 games are interdivision. Then 8 matchups for each team are known because of the rotating division system in place. As lobachevsky mentioned, 2 games each season depend on the results of the previous season.

    As for the scheduling. There is no conspiracy. The NFL is bombarded each year with countless requests from each team regarding the schedule. They also have to deal with many other issues with regards to logistics. I read an incredibly in depth article about 3 years ago that detailed just how much work goes into making the NFL schedule. I've tried to look for it numerous times to no avail.

    It was a really great read too.

    Guess I'll try to look again!



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