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    Re: NFL To Ban Below The Waist Blocks?

    This is never happening.

    Goodell & Competition Committee would have to be nuts to do it.

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    Re: NFL To Ban Below The Waist Blocks?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bazooka Joe View Post
    According to article on PFT.
    The title of this thread is misleading. There is a big difference between considering changing the rule and "NFL to ban below the waist blocks".

    I think the rule should be tweeked to where you cant block below the waist outside the box or more than 5 yards down field or when the QB is outside of the box.

    If they eliminated this rule all together teams would not be able to run the ball and there would be no point in leaving RBs in to block because they cant block a d lineman or LB without cutting their legs. they are just not big enough or strong enough


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