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    Quote Originally Posted by Boulderraven View Post
    The ROAD WOES is way exaggerated. They are 3-2 and should be 4-1 if not for A BOGUS PI call On Jocoby Jones. Old saying is play .500 on the road and clean up at home. If they beat SD on Sunday they go 4-2 with 2 game remaining @WASH and @Cincy. They do seem to play more conservative on the road, not to turn it over IMO. This might be due to basically 2 rookies on the oline. They seem to try NOT to lose on the road more than at home. If it was for a horrible officials call @philly this thread wouldnt exist.
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    Re: Ravens road woes on offense should be blamed on Harbaugh

    Tony said:

    "The blame isn’t all on Flacco. Cam Cameron AND John Harbaugh must accept some of the blame as well. Some might argue, and count me among them, that the coaches are more to blame than Joe.

    The finger pointing often starts with Cameron. But hasn’t this gone on long enough? If it’s obvious to you and to me that the play calling is obsolete, at some point isn’t this on Harbaugh? If Cameron’s game planning is all on him and you see that your offense can’t get out of its own way on the road, wouldn’t a good head coach want to know what is going on?"

    Great observation.

    When I see an idiot at work (they're everywhere), I don't blame the idiot -- I blame the manager(s) who hired him.

    IF Cam really is the main problem, then Harbs is more aware of that fact than we are. And IF Harbs agrees with most of us, then Harbs is the cause of the problem.

    Cam is doing what Harbs wants him to do. Then Harbs is responsible for this uneven offensive performance.
    Cam is NOT doing what Harbs wants him to do. Then Harbs is too weak to get him in line (?)


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