After watching that ridiculous debacle in Detroit yesterday, I was finally able to find out why the rule was in place preventing a review when a team is slapped with a penalty:

Two years ago, following an event during the Redskins vs Giants game, the replay rules were changed once again. The Redskins fumbled the ball, and it was recovered by the Giants. Being a controversial play, the Giants, of course, rushed to the line of scrimmage in hopes to get a play off before a challenge flag was thrown. Before they were able to make the snap, however, Redskins linebacker, London Fletcher, “accidentally” kicked the ball, and he was called for a delay of game.

However, by being called for a delay of game, the Redskins then had the opportunity to throw the infamous red flag. Obviously, the Giants’ coach was not happy with the Redskins being able to allegedly intentionally commit a penalty and be rewarded with the ability to now challenge the play.

As a result, the league changed the rule to where all changes of possessions and scoring plays would be under review with the exception of two conditions. The first is that if the team is penalized, they lose their rights to an official review. The other is that if a coach throws his challenge flag when an official review is mandated anyway.

As a result of yesterday's mess, the league is now considering changing the rule back to what it was before the Washington/Giants game.