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I odnly disagree that they did everything they could... unless you mean to run him out of town.

Bcuase, if they wanted him to stay, they could have had an actual competition for the LT job that summer during training camp, but htey didn't, not even close. And that was the final nail in the coffin. It may have been the intent, but, if the intent was to motivate him, they failed miserably and really need to learn a thing or two abnout motivating talented underachievers. FWIW, in retrospect, I think they had already washed their hands of him. FWIW, i think that had a lot to do with their failed assesment that Oher was a star LT in the makings.
Sorry, but learning how to motivate men making millions of dollars shouldn't even be in the equation here.

That's more like baby sitting.

Dude was handed an opportunity to man up and take one of the most coveted high paying jobs in the world and you're saying the Ravens should figure out a better way to motivate him to do it?

There's a whole lot I'd do with more then enough self motivation to earn that kind of jack and be admired by the public that can only dream of having that opportunity.