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I think the Chargers had a lot of guaranteed money for Gaither in the contract he signed, it was around 13.5 million I believe. Yes he could have had a lot more than that had he actually played week in week out. But if he really wanted to, he could hit the road and take that 13.5 million and do whatever he likes with it. While guys like you and I bust our asses off in the real world and will never see anything close to a million dollars let alone 13.5 million for doing nothing.
True he can walk away with 13M, however just did a quick look at the likes of Long and Thomas and Trent Williams. Long has a 5 year 57M deal, Thomas 7 year 84M, 6 years 60M. Maybe I'm just greedy but to go out and play a game he's tossing away lets just say 40 or 50M by being a pos. THAT's what I don't get. And thats only one contract and I'm being conservative with it.