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    Quote Originally Posted by PerpetuallyBored74 View Post
    Did you know that Flacco plays his best when his receivers get open BEFORE the pass rush can get to him?

    Did you know that?
    Did you?
    DID YOU?
    DID YOU?!

    I bet you didn't know that.

    Actually, we didnt know that because that would require receivers getting open in Cam's antiquated offense.

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    Re: A Flacco Did You Know

    Quote Originally Posted by Paintballguy View Post
    Fantasy football has corrupted people. It's no longer about winning the game. It is about who scores the most fantasy points.
    Thank You! Thank You! Fantasy Football has ruined the game for me! Years ago, sitting in the stands watching Jamal run all over Cleveland, one of my seat mates said. Okay Jamal you can stop now, (he didn't have him on his FF team).... I about lost it! Here was Jamal, on his way to setting the single game record(maybe), and this guy is worried about his FF team?


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