This really is a team in transition. You can choose to credit whomever you like for the 8-2 record that they currently enjoy.

Defensively, I think an issue, moreso than talent, is that they've had to give so many inexperienced players, significant playing time altogether. Terrance Cody is only in his second year as a full-time starter. Pernell McPhee and Paul Kruger were never full-time starters before, nor was Jimmy Smith. Ellerbe hadn't seen significant playing time as a starter since his rookie season. The reality is that's a lot of inexperience.

Offensively, this is the first year that Joe Flacco has been given a significant amount of control over the offense. Torrey Smith still has room to grow as a route runner and there's some youth on the offensive line.

Despite both sides of the ball struggling at times, this team has found a way to finish their first ten games 8-2. That shows that the makeup of the team is strong overall.

For this team be so successful, while in a transition, is impressive, in my opinion. Most teams do not see such results in the W/L department, while transitioning.