The best thing that could happen Sunday is that the Ravens defeat the Chargers 55-17 (With a late TD pass to Gates and Alexander for my fantasy teams), with Norv Turner being fired immediately after the game, only to get an anonymous call from a representative of a certain GM, telling him to relax on the couch for a few months, because he'll be employed soon.

The Charger's offensive struggles should not be an indictment of Turner's abilities as an OC. There have been several high quality coordinators who have struggled as head coaches, especially when trying to juggle a head coach's responsibilities with continued play-calling.

If you watch San Diego play, Norv Turner has tried different things to help the offense out. They've tried to use the middle of the field, but teams are keying in on Gates with the absence of Vincent Jackson on the outside. They've tried running the football, but none of their RBs have been able to stay in San Diego, let alone healthy. That's A.J. Smith's fault, more than anything. They just picked up Denario Alexander up off the street a few weeks ago. He has somehow scored about four or five TDs in three games. The guy they expected to step into Jackson's shoes was injured before the season started. Floyd has failed to do so. Turner has even tried moving Floyd into the slot to help get him open. They've had two offensive linemen retire and Gaither has been in and out.

Norv Turner's resume with QB and as an OC, is of a very high quality.

On one hand, the Ravens could use another piece or two to really make his system run. That size/speed WR is still missing (could it be Streeter in time?). That ultra athletic pass catching TE, to exploit the middle of the field, is also missing (That was supposed to be Dickson).

On the other hand, Turner is a guy who can fix the Ravens key issue, lack of adjustments on offense.

If Turner becomes available, there is no doubt that he would be the top candidate and I would welcome him with open arms.

It's not the system, it's the administration of the system.