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  1. Re: Ravens - Chargers Predicition Thread

    Funny thing is, I had more confidence in the Ravens going into Shittsburgh and getting a W than going into SD and leaving with a win.

    I still think the Ravens pull out a close one,

    26 - 20

    However, the game isn't as close a the score suggests.

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    Re: Ravens - Chargers Predicition Thread

    I have a bad feeling about this one. Chargers 20 - 16.

  3. Re: Ravens - Chargers Predicition Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Terpsfan82 View Post
    This. I was going back and forth on this one. At first I had this down as a loss, then a win, then a loss. I give up.
    Me too, though I hate to say it, I think I lean towards a loss.

    Oh, what the hell.
    I'll be a homer Mr. Positive.

    Ravens - 20
    Chargers - 16

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    Arrow Re: Ravens - Chargers Predicition Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Corey View Post
    ... Our D can hold up if they are not on the field for to long. BUT for that to happen our offense has to sustain drives and score points, hasn't happened on the road yet....
    YES, that is the main problem. The Ravens are 3-2 on the road, but they haven't had more than two quarters of productive offense (i.e., TDs) in any one game. And, of course, last week in Pittsburgh we saw ZERO production from the offense, losing the TOP battle by almost 7 minutes. Not since the Houston affair have the Ravens faced a playoff-caliber QB on a team that still has realistic playoff hopes (the Chargers have an impressive win-loss record at home in the month of December). As such, the Ravens' improved/revamped defense has yet to be truly tested - although their performance in Pittsburgh was VERY encouraging (no help from the offense EXCEPT for the zero turnovers).

    If the Ravens had won there last year, then I would have been a lot more concerned about this game. The real story concerning last year's debacle was this: "They never got off the bus" (as Bruce Laird might have said it). That was a typical, roughly once a season, 'let's get this one over with' game where the offense and defense play with zero intensity. The game this Sunday will have very little resemblance to last year's blowout.

    Unlike last season's preparation for the Chargers, the Ravens have plenty of motivation to 'show up' in San Diego this time around. For a team with serious Super Bowl aspirations, they KNOW - players and coaches alike - that their performance on the road this season is THE major obstacle they need to overcome. They are running out of opportunities to fix the problem BEFORE they enter a postseason which, very likely, will require them to win on the road once again. Otherwise, no Super Bowl once again. The results on Thanksgiving clearly illustrate that the Ravens can expect NO help from the rest of the league in the final six weeks of this season. So, they have had plenty to work on this Week 12 with plenty of motivation to boot.

    BAL 23
    SD 20

    P.S. Ed Reed does NOT need to play this game. The one-game suspension would have been a perfect opportunity to rest his banged-up shoulder for the Steelers and Roethlisberger.
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    Re: Ravens - Chargers Predicition Thread

    I said this was a loss at the beginning and I'm still stickin with that. Our offensive road woes continue against a hlfway decent defense in SD. Their offense wont do anything against us and I bet we get half a dozen sacks and force 3+ turnovers. Still not enough as our O wont be able to score.
    16-13 SD.

    Oh what the hell I'll be a homer 17-13 Ravens, all 3 scores off TO's and one of the TD's being a pick 6. Really the only way I see us winning this game to be honest.

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    Re: Ravens - Chargers Predicition Thread

    I'm going with the big homer prediction: 20-9, Ravens.

    Our Red Zone D continues to be the best in the NFL, and Flacco and Co. take advantage of some Charger turnovers...

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    Re: Ravens - Chargers Predicition Thread

    17-16 Ravens. Remember it.

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    13-3. Ravens.

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    Re: Ravens - Chargers Predicition Thread

    Ravens win, steelers lose. It will make my weekend.

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    Re: Ravens - Chargers Predicition Thread

    This is a must win game for the Chargers.

    Ravens, on the road, on the west coast, sandwiched between Steeler games, with a banged-up secondary. Don't like the vibe of this one...

    Chargers 24
    Ravens 17


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