This game has the classic Ravens let down game feel to it. Ravens riding a winning streak, just had a huge victory annnnd goose egg! The fact we have to travel to the west coast doesn't help either. This team has been very dr jekyll and mr hyde, at home and on the road.

I've been reading some of the Chargers forums, most have already given up on the season. But a few say that SD will start a 3-4 game win streak against Baltimore. Not enough to make the playoffs, but just enough to keep Norv. I could totally see that happening.

One reason I'm still gonna pick the Ravens to win is how this team has won games this year. Every win (minus Oakland and Cincy) we saw one side of the ball slacking and another area make up for it. This team is playing for one another. It's really remarkable to see. Plus a win in SD and against Pitt next week will give us a second straight division title. I don't believe they let this opportunity slip away, and give Pittsburgh any hope of winning the division.

The offense will perform better. The defense will feast on Phillip Rivers and ST will continue to do what it has done all year.

Final Score:

Ravens 27
Chargers 13