Who would it be? Obviously at their prime.

I was reading the online chat thing with Kevin Byrne yesturday on the Ravens website. And a fan asked a good question. "If there was one player in Ravens history you could being back to help this team, who would it be?"

Kevin Byrne said that he'd bring back C mac, because we are missing corners. I would say that he'd make a great impact. There are some other players I'd consider like...

Who else would have loved to see JO actually protecting a good QB in his prime? JO would have certainly been able to help us out. Oher has been good this year, but he's still better playing right tackle. You could have JO come in at LT, move KO inside, move Yanda to center, and Jah Reid can move to right guard, with Oher at right tackle of course. That's one bad ass offensive line.

Peter Boulware
Despite our recent improvement of the pass rush, we could still do with having one of our best pass rushers in franchise history back. Him and Suggs playing together, with Kruger coming in on 3rd downs, move Boulware to DT next to Ngata, and have a crazy 4 man rush similar to the NASCAR package.

Jamie Sharper
Put him next to Dannell Ellerbe, and the defense would automatically improve. This guy was like Jarrett Johnson, an underrated piece of our defense that helped us win the SB.

Jarrett Johnson
In his prime Johnson was one of the best edge setters in football, he would assume the old role he had here.

Jamal Lewis
Who else would have loved to see Jamal Lewis running over Casey Hampton on Sunday night on that 3rd and 2?

Todd Heap
Dennis Pitta is good, Ed Dickson.... not so much. Heap was always a hard player to say good bye to, he was such a vital part of this offense for a long time. He could split reps with Pitta, you'd have an automatic 3rd down conversation rate, especially with Boldin on the other side.

Shannon Sharpe
Another great tight end, who helped us win a SB. I wish we'd had seen Sharpe playing with a good QB like Flacco in Baltimore.

Sam Adams
This is perhaps the player I'd pick if it wasn't for the guy below. He would fit into a position of need straight away, nose tackle. He'd dominate the line of scrimmage, and would fix our run defense easily. Playing along side Suggs and Ngata would be great to see.

Ray Lewis
Yes, I know he's still playing for us, but I'm talking about a young Ray, the 2003 Ray Lewis. This would be my choice. He was literally everywhere on the field. Our defense would be impossible to run on.

So many other Raven legends that could help, who would you pick? D Mason, Goose, Michael McCrary??