Here is my own grades to the starting offensive linemen from the Steelers game. Some of the help and sources I get from PFF.

Michael Oher- C+
Oher had a pretty solid game and held Harrison in check pretty much all night. He did allow a sack and a hurry, which was his only 3rd sack given up of the year. Oher has been having his best year as a Raven on the left side, and has been an upgrade over Bryant McKinnie despite popular belief on this board. Oher didn't have his best night as a run blocker, which is usually his stronger areas of his game.

Kelechi Osemele- B
Osemele did an admirable job as a rookie in one of the most hostile environments in football. KO held Lamar Woodley in check through out the game, and even had a pancake on him in the first half. He did allow a sack, but who doesn't against a Dick Lebeau defense? KO had a pretty good night run blocking too which was not something shared by most of his Oline partners on the night.

Matt Birk- F
Terrible game by Birk, both in pass protection and run defense. Birk was simply dominated in all areas of the game by Casey Hampton, who has been terrible him self this year. Birk has still had a solid year for such an old player, but you have to wonder if Birk can handle the season down the stretch at his age. It is very concerning, especially with the play offs around the corner.

Jah Reid- B
If Jah Reid had been starting all year, or if it were a guard that had been playing the position for years, the grade would have probably been a C+, however Reid has been playing well in the last two games for a guy who's never played the position and only had less than 100 snaps at guard all year coming into this game. Reid only allowed one QB hit in the game, and held up very well in pass protection, which helped keep the pocket clean pretty much all night for Flacco. Jah Reid didn't have a good game run blocking, but neither did many of his buddies on the Oline. Jah Reid may have won him self the starting job at left guard for the rest of the year. He has shown that he is capable of holding up well against one of the better front 7 in football in Heinz field, in the most fierce rivalry in sports, and in only his first start at guard, pretty remarkable IMO.

Marshall Yanda- A
Yanda continues his great form on the year. He was by far the best lineman out there, which isn't surprising as he's arguably the best guard in football right now. Yanda is also probably our best offensive player we have, and we should all be so happy that Ozzie gave Yanda the big money and not Grubbs. Yanda has given up zero sacks, only 2 hits, and 4 hurries on the year. Yanda has only had two below par games on the year (which were not terrible games by any means), and in those two games, he appeared to be hurt in them. @KC and vs Cowboys.