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Basically just Ed Reed being a thug. He either can't or won't tackle anymore and is more of a liability out there than an asset. This is actually doing the Ravens a favor - forcing the team to put a better athelete on the field for the Chargers game at least.
I'm no big fan of Reed's dwindling skillset, but calling him a "thug" is a joke. He's just scared of injuring himself, so he doesn't ever go low where he can get banged in the head/shoulder area buy a runner's legs (unless he dives even lower, and blindly throws his back at their feet)- but he just flat out doesn't want to tackle, not due to any sort of thug-ness like Harrison.

BTW- I think we need Reed more against San Diego rather than Charlie Batch- so if I were the Ravens, i would appeal the suspension this week, and then just accept it next week when it's Steeler week at home. We need him more against Rivers on the road.