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    Willis McGahee out


    Looks like Willis won't be returning home to M&T.

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    Re: Willis McGahee out

    I saw this earlier too and was thinking the same thing. It might be a just a slight advantage and I say only slight because we know that Peyton can stil thrive without a running game. Our defense better be ready to tackle because that offense likes to throw a lot of WR screens.

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    Re: Willis McGahee out

    But not getting gashed by the run has to help us and is definately going to take away from them.

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    Re: Willis McGahee out

    It's a major blow. Peyton actually has usually had a decent running game around him much of his career, even if not utilized a ton, the threat was there.

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    Re: Willis McGahee out

    Hillman and Ball will fill in fine. Hillman is very explosive, Ball can smash it in between the tackles and they still have Kownshon Moreno on the roster. They will still run the ball against this defense.

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    Re: Willis McGahee out

    kinda sucks for him, he was having a solid year and it looked like a bad injury. wish him the best, he's only got two knees and lord knows they've been through hell


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