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    Re: Somebody needs to talk me out of this...

    Too many bigger, quality WRs on the board for Austin to go in the 1st round. Someone will take him in the 2nd though.

    Elusive cats like Jerrigan (currenlty trapped behind Cruz on the NYG depth chart), Cobb, Hilton and Austin should be consistently overvalued (i.e., taken a round earlier than whatever value your Draft formula tells you), b/c they are match-up nightmares for DCs. They exploit slow DBs alone, exploit poor tackling DBs alone, and exploit poor schemes alone...and that's all before accounting for the plays that they will make against good competition b/c that's what they naturally do.

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    Re: Somebody needs to talk me out of this...

    Quote Originally Posted by ActualSpamBot View Post
    It's pretty much consensus. And it's how this team does business. We're a risk averse organization that likes to maintain continuity. Also, our best receiver is a AC prototype, as is our QB (despite the arm chair coordinators who insist Flacco should run the WCO) and so is our QB coach. (Manning ran a hybrid AC/unique vertical offense that Caldwell helped design.) If Cam goes, Caldwell will likely be considered to replace him, as will the likely to be fired Norv Turner (or someone from his likely to be fired staff.)

    Also, I was very clear in my post that I was only basing this on probabilities. I never said we would definitely do anything. But IF we don't overhaul our entire offensive philosophy, then Tavon Austin does not fit our offensive needs.
    It seems to me like this organization likes to remain average-above average - so long as we make the playoffs every year, everyone is fine with that.

    We will go no where with our "content" attitude. Its weird, the fan base thinks this way and the organization thinks this way. Absolutely no fire what-so-ever


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