Wow. Reading this forum after a hard fought road win against our bitterest rival is painful. Nothing is good enough anymore.

No one seems to care that we now have tied the NFL record for consecutive division wins.

No one mentions that our "terrible road team" is now 3-2 on the road. (That .600 road winning percentage by the way is better than or equal to 20 teams' home winning percentage, and better than or equal to 25 teams' road winning percentage.) Boy, if that's terrible I'd hate to see dreadful.

Lost in the desire to moan about the ineptitude of our offense is the fact that we are currently fielding top ten scoring units on both sides of the ball. In doing so we have given up the fewest passing touchdowns in the entire league, while scoring the second most rushing TDs.

Anyone know that we have given up the second fewest turnovers? Or that we've forced the 5th most?

Anyone care that even with his tough road games Flacco is on pace to shatter his previous career high in passing yards, yards per completion, and Net Yards per pass attempt?

Or that Rice went over 1000 yards from scrimmage last night? Or Jacoby hit the 1k all purpose yards mark? Or that we're one of only three teams in the NFL with 2 guys with over 1000 APYs right now.

How about our rookie kicker having the 5th best accuracy among guys with at least 20 kicks? Not to mention no misses from 50+ or within 40. Big leg and Stover-like consistency at short range.

Or special teams are verging on historically good right now. Our Special teams DVOA is ahead of the number 2 team right now by a wider margin than the number 2 team is ahead of the number 6 team.

Oh, and once again, a defense that everyone wanted to write off as soft, rose to the occasion on the road again and absolutely stifled an opponent. We can win shoot outs, we can win slugfests. We can't be beaten at home and believe it or not but we're actually one of the league's winningest teams on the road. We're still in a race for the number 1 overall seed and our competition is looking more and more beatable.

I've never been a believer of Super Bowl or bust. Too many things out of a team's control have to go right to get to the big show. But I've ALWAYS believed that the perennial playoff teams were the cream of the NFL and had the best odds to host the Lombardi at the start of each season. We're one of those teams now. People can try to say we're not. They can belittle our road play (ignoring the reality that it's good enough to be better than nearly 80% of the league's teams when THEY hit the road.) But those people are wrong. This is a CHAMPIONSHIP CALIBER TEAM. Be grateful that you have one.

Finally, you want REAL perspective. Want to feel for someone who's sitting on the OTHER side of the NFL's proverbial train tracks? Read this/ and tell me we have it bad.