They highlighted the coverage that Torrey Smith was getting on the broadcast a few times. They were bringing a safety underneath to cut off the quick timing routes, and had Ike Taylor sitting over the top to take away the deep route. It was interesting, and I think it's why a number of Joe's passes to Torrey along the sideline looked off - I think he saw the safety cheating underneath as he was throwing, so he placed the ball high to avoid a pick. If I'm right on that, then those are good passes by Flacco, because they AREN'T pick sixes.

And I think the deep pass to Torrey was on the money, it was just a great defensive play by Ike Taylor to break it up. That pass would have hit Torrey in stride, and he was gone.

Also, the offense did the smart thing by going to Bolden. He had a mismatch, and they exploited it. Basically had we come away with a single touchdown when we got into scoring range, we would have won easily. We didn't, and we won anyway.