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    Post-Game Thoughts

    First of all, I was totally bass ackwards in my prediction going into this game. I really thought our O would score enough to offset the D's ineptitude against the run, even with Ben out of the game - I believed the Steelers would run often, and then run play action giving Leftwich confidence in the air game. Instead, Flacco continued his road woes, and was bailed out by the D.

    I was really impressed with the play of our Defense, both in the run game and pass defense. Corey Graham came up Huge, along with others, including Pees with his game plan - I have been a Pees critic for some time, but last night he delivered, along with a hard hitting performance by our D. Kudos to you guys! Once again it was fun watching our D lay some leather on the 'bumble bees'.

    Secondly, our team really seemed to be much more Disciplined last night, compared to past games - kudos to Harbs for infusing that element into the game. It paid huge dividends last night.

    And, even though Falco once again demonstrated his erratic play when away from home, he did NOT turn the ball over, and, that too, was Critical!

    All in all, a fun game to watch - hard hitting on D; and Stellar play by our ST....sort of reminds one of our success to a SB championship run. P.S. our D is certainly not on the level of our championship Defense, just to clarify!
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