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Most years you're right, they absolutely turn it on this time of year, but no one can turn things around with that offensive line. I've watched 3 of their last 4 games in their entirety and that offensive line is the worst I've seen this year. There were two seperate plays in the most recent Denver game where Phillip Rivers saw multiple rushers coming from the right side. He yelled out to the offensive line to slide right to account for all rushers and both time the offensive line let Von Miller through unblocked. By no means do the Ravens have a Von Miller and Dumerville for pass rushes (especially with Suggs still not 100% in shape) but that line is so bad that I think we still get consistent pressure on him.
Their oline has been terrible after dielman and mcneil retired and we all know about gaither. Gaither has missed a ton of games this year. I'm hoping he misses this game too.

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