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That's what I'm hoping and banking on too. Maybe we are just coming in to ourselves at this point in the season and the road issues will start working themselves out. This team knows we are coming down to the wire and if they want even a chance of the playoffs coming through Baltimore, they have to win at home AND on the road from here on out. At the same time, we really need Houston to start losing a couple of games but they have a cushy schedule the last I checked :(
Unfortunately I think Houston is destined to get the top seed. A monsoon and a cheap shot helped them greatly in their win at Chicago. Jacksonville had them dead to rights and let them off the hook.

The hope is that the Lions take them on Thursday and NE gets them in Foxboro. Still though the Ravens would probably need to have the Colts put one on them because at the very least the Ravens could lose a game and still have a chance at the top seed.