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    Re: To all the Harbaugh haters....

    Quote Originally Posted by Haloti92 View Post
    So, B-More Ravor didn't seem to understand the version of English you were using since he was claiming you were not trying to compare the two coaches or say they were equal, which you now confirm you were.

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    Re: To all the Harbaugh haters....

    They are both top 5 coaches and that is the reason why it is always either the Ravens or Steelers in the AFC North.

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    This thread is a microcosm of the "spoiled brat" mentality that domininates modern thought.

    Don't give me the tired "oh what, so we can't criticize anyone?" That's drivel. The Harbs Sucks crew has far surpassed fair criticism. There isn't a football coach on this planet that wouldn't look at the situations Harbaugh has managed and his accomplishments on paper and say that's damn impressive.

    The only thing that is starting to suck worse than the Raven's defense is the Raven's fans.
    “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”

    –Eleanor Roosevelt


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