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I saw Flacco throw about 7 or 8 sideline routes high. He was horrible.

I'm loving a win on the road against the #1 defense and I am not gonna call anyone out but if there's a finger to be pointed, it's at the QB.
Flacco was not horrible. Most of those passes were thrown high because the Steelers had great coverage. Joe was putting it in the only place he could most of the time. Flacco was being careful, Taylor was undercutting a lot of these sideline routes. It was prudent to be careful in this game, because the Steelers had very little offense.

After a night to think about it, the problem last night was not just Cam(he was bad, no question), but once again, our offensive line, which is so dominant at home, was once again terrible on the road. Now I know last night the opponent had something to do with that, but this is too much of a pattern to just be coincidence.