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    Re: Obligatory Fire Cam Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post

    Just last week you were making fun of the doom and gloomers.

    It's a road win against a divisional foe, one that happens to have the best defense in the league.

    Cam gets a pass. Especially considering the lack of execution.

    For those calling for a run, Rice only had 40 yds running the ball, 20 in each half. The
    o-line wasn't blocking for him. Rice had more yds receiving with 53.

    I'll question 3d and long there since Joe isn't that reliable but us old timers remember
    Johnny U running that play all the time with everyone expecting the run but he throws
    deep. Joe just isn't as good there obviously.

    With Rice's 53 yds passing on short routes, maybe a short dump or swing pass but no
    way CAm is running the ball with no blocking for him. Blame the o-line, not Cam.

    CAM won and on the road in enemy territory and put Piss back another game. That's all that matters.
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