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Huh? DC media has been gushing over VT and UVa for the past two decades. Baltimore is a pro sports town. The ACC will do just fine.

Terrible move for alumni fans.

I have fond memories of many road trips to Charlottesville and down Tobacco Road. I have absolutely no interest in visiting the Rust Belt. This is even worse than the Ravens breaking their divisional rivalries with Jax and Nashville, which were not long-lasting but intense. Terps ACC rivalries go back for 90+ years.

This sucks. I will stop buying Terps game tickets, at least for awhile.

Let's see how some of y'all who like this move will feel after the Terps become the Big 10's perpetual football dormat ... WTF was the Athletic Department thinking?
If I could rep you for this post I would because it is a great post.

You are right, the Virginia schools dominate the media coverage in the DC area when it comes to college football. Maryland does not receive a lot of coverage. IMO fans would rather follow and watch professional football than U of M football. I would say the loss of an ACC school in this area will not hurt. The rivalry between UVA and U of M is there, but it is not as intense as UVA and Va Tech. I think UVA fans dislike the Hokies much more than the Terps.

I don't believe bringing the Big Ten to the DC market is going to do anything great. As I pointed out, I think football fans in this area are NFL fans instead of college fans. I don't see nearly as much Terrapins merchandise worn by people as Redskins or Ravens gear.