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Ok thus far THIS YEAR he has done remarkably well comparatively, however my point still stands. He's been owned throughout his career and has statistically high penalties in his career. And to be honest, just by the "eyeball" test he should have at least another half dozen false starts, maybe more, but I know watching on TV or at the game he's jumped and everyone sucks in a breath real quick expecting the flag,lol.
Just curious man, but do you think that it would be an unlikely scenario for Oher to get better or improve?

I'm not meaning that to be disrespectful at all. I'm legitimately curious because I've heard several people claim what you're claiming, but for all intents and purposes his play - this year - is better than last year at RT and the year before at LT. So, there would be some reason to think that he has improved and can continue to improve.