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    Land Shark back at practice "McPhee"

    Here is to the real Land Shark coming back full force and picking up were he left off last season.

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    Re: Land Shark back at practice "McPhee"

    Believe it or not, but he had been having a solid year as a run stopper anyway. He's just not the same presence as a pass rusher that he was last year, and I think that's to do with him being a full time starter, and not having Suggs to help him out. I think now that he's more healthy, and hopefully with Ngata coming back healthier, he and Kruger can regain that partnership they had as pass rushers. McPhee has been stout against the run this year anyway, he ranks as one of the better run stopping DE's in the league on PFF, which is good because that was one of the main concerns about him as a starter this year.


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