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Dont really have a strong opinion on Tom. In his old days with the Jags and early Giants tenure, he was Mr Micromanage to Nth degree so I dont think Harbs and Tom are alike too much.

Sorry, just not a big Harbs fan. Not gonna shoot down anyone else's opinion on John if they disagree and think he's great coach. Just my feelings. John is a ST coach... never a OC or DC, so in my book, I question if he truly understands playcalling strategy. Things have run amok with Cam at times, and I would have thought that John would have put a stop on those reoccurring issues by now. Don't really want to get into a deep discussion on the pros and cons of Harbs, but end it by saying I hope Harbs and the coaching staff prove me 100% wrong.
A head coach's job is to manage the entire team, not be a O or D coordinator.