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    Re: ravens have the #1 defense in the league...

    One of the most interesting things to me is that the dreaded 3-man rush is actually working well in the red zone this year. For a few weeks, I was having Mattison flashbacks, but QB's aren't finding anybody open. It's weird.

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    Re: ravens have the #1 defense in the league...

    Definitely classic bend but don't break defense. It's definitely been tough to witness some of the games this year. I didn't think they'd fall off this much, but points are what truly matters. I just hope we can see some improvement from this group down the stretch. We need to get more pass rush from guys like Kruger, McClellan, Upshaw, and McPhee when he returns. I like that Pees is at least trying to make adjustments (going up in the box, trying guys at different spots). Hopefully they can keep it up as far as allowing points to opponents.


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