Paul Kruger had a real bad start to the year as a starter, and was being asked to do way too much for his skill set with nobody but a rookie and a ILB opposite him as a pass rusher. He was benched for Upshaw because of Upshaws run stopping ability, and now he's virtually rotating with everyone, and is starting most games. Kruger really had a great game against the Raiders, he had two sacks, and an interception. Those sort of numbers are reserved for the Jason Piere Paul's of the league, and I think there is a small chance that Kruger actually goes on and plays like that for the rest of the year, and really takes the league by notice, he could earn him self a respectable pay day in 2013 and may even get over paid by the likes of Indianapolis who are trying to build their 3-4 scheme under Pagano.

I honestly think Kruger is really starting to get it now, and we are going to need him to, because up to this point, we've had very poor production rushing the QB, and with Suggs getting back into things, we could finally have someone who can bring pressure opposite him on a consistent basis.