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    Baltimore desecrates the Terrible Towel

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    Re: Baltimore desecrates the Terrible Towel

    Let's hope the Ravens have the Last laugh, as well!
    "Grab those pusillanimous sons-a-bitches by the nose and kick 'em in the balls.." General George S. Patton

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    Re: Baltimore desecrates the Terrible Towel


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    Re: Baltimore desecrates the Terrible Towel

    So sick of the towel. I would have made an ad that focuses on our team, not a rival. Not all Ravens fans are so obsessed with Pissburg.

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    Re: Baltimore desecrates the Terrible Towel

    Really? Felt the need to bump this 10 days after the win? And a bad beating of the Steelers by the Chargers? Hmmm....

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    Re: Baltimore desecrates the Terrible Towel

    The video is about as lame as the towel itself...

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    Re: Baltimore desecrates the Terrible Towel

    Quote Originally Posted by Footballfanofsteel View Post
    Steelers must have the curse on them. Wallace and br looked bad last sunday. Never saw the play but some guy named brown screwed up in the end zone and gave the chargers 6 points. By the way, your game against the chargers wasn't even close, the final score is misleading.

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    Re: Baltimore desecrates the Terrible Towel

    This is a non story, move along.

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    Re: Baltimore desecrates the Terrible Towel

    From another board-

    This was one of the worst games I have ever watched the Steelers play. I have been a diehard Steeler fan since the early 80's and yesterday was the first time I have ever stopped watching a Steeler game. I switched out after Ben's horrible interception on the Steeler 10 yard line. I felt like I was going to puke after watching the Steelers mail that game in. All I felt was total disgust. I never thought this would happen, but I doubt I will even watch NFL football a few years from now. It gets less and less important to me almost weekly. Goddell is dong everything he can to destroy the game, but I still wanted to root for the Steelers and looked forward to their games.

    This season has pretty much changed that. I have never enjoyed it when the Steelers lose, but I can live with it if they put forth an honest effort and are actually trying to win. I have felt like several times this season the Steelers are not even trying. It looks like the players are just going through the motions and counting down the seconds until they can hit the showers and return to their nice homes and fancy cars. Several times this year, it has appeared that 5 guys are playing with fire and passion and the other 17 starters couldn't care less about the result of the game or how bad they look on the field. I'm pacing around the living room about to break anything that comes near me and Tomlin just stands on the sideline without a care in the world. Yesterday, I felt like I was watching a Pirates game with all the boneheaded, dipsh!t plays the Steelers were guilty of. Truly pathetic. Wallace and Brown dropping passes, Offensive linemen holding and getting blown up on a regular basis, Brown standing there looking at the ball as the Chargers charged the fumble and covered it, Ben throwing passes into the ground and to the other team when there was not a reciever in sight, (Which it seems he does about twice a game every game this year) the defense letting the horrible Chargers offense convert every 3rd down it wanted to. It just made me sick. If the Steelers are not going to care, why should I?

    The saddest thing is, this could be one of the best teams in the AFC and a Superbowl contender. They have all the talent they need. The Steelers could turn it on, win the next 2 or 3, and run the playoffs from the 6th seed if they played to their potential. I think the chances of them laying another egg and getting blown up are much greater than pulling it together, though. I'm not sure how the Steelers can come out so flat and so passionless, but I'm getting real tired of wasting my time watching it.

    Like I said, I could bear watching the Steelers lose as long as they were playing hard and actually trying to win. Playing with passion. But to watch the garbage they put out there yesterday is not going to work for me. Utterly pathetic and hopefully, not a sign of what the future of the Steelers with Tomlin is going to be.

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