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ESPN's Bob Holtzman reported on NFL Live Wednesday that doctors have advised Ben Roethlisberger (shoulder, ribs) to not return until his partially dislocated rib is completely healed, and "that could take up to six weeks.
4-6 weeks is pretty standard for rib injuries, but with this one they may take a little more time given the implications if he takes the wrong type of hit.

At 6 weeks, that puts the Steelers with really only 1 or 2 more games left in the season. If they were smart, they'd hold him out for 4-5 weeks for sure, see where the team is at, and if they don't have a shot at making the playoffs then they shut him down for the year.

The thing that sucks about rib injuries is there really isn't much you can do except rest, ice, and try to keep the level of impact and motion to a minimum. He won't be able to lift, job, elliptical, bike, or anything for a while.