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I honestly don't understand the narrow minded comments from people that are so sure that he will play. Yes, there is no question that Jen has had a history of bigging up his injuries, and coming back trying to look tough when it really hasn't been all that serious, but there has also been many times when he has legitimately missed games, especially games the week straight after the game, he missed a few games last year because of the ankle sprain, it's not like he played in all of them. I know people want to assume he'll play because it's the Ravens in prime time, but honestly, a sprained shoulder is a sprained shoulder, not even an idiot would play with a sprained shoulder. Ed Dickson sprained his shoulder and missed the full pre season, and that was only said to be minor (grade 1), nobody even knows what the grade is right now.

There is of course the possibility that it really is't that serious, but by the looks of it, he did fall on his shoulder in an awkward position and it was enough to cause him so sit out for the rest of the game.
Reverse psychology.

"He'll play (hope I prove myself wrong, but if not I'm not disappointed)"