So who was in 509 yesterday, and who was in 502?

I ask because this cheerleader shows up in 509.. tells everyone to stand up and grab these foam Ravens heads from under our seats and get ready to wave them when the "Section of the Game" is announced and shown on the big boards. So a couple of commercial breaks go by.. and this blonde cheerleader is like, "just wait.. it's coming.. soon!".. Then she finally says, "okay, now get up and wave the Ravens foam heads.. NOW!"

Just as she says that, Brucie comes on the loud speaker and says, "Congratulations Section 502!". We look over and Section 502 is standing up cheering for themselves. Meanwhile all of 509 is standing there with their Ravens foam heads looking like a bunch of idiots. The cheerleader is like, "Ehhhh.... OOOPS! How did that happen!?". Then she runs for the exit.

Funny stuff.