It's deja vu all over again. We ran the fake field goal against the Steelers in the first meeting. I don't think that one went for a touchdown, but I could be mistaken. Steelers fans were whining about that one, too: it also occurred in a game in which the Ravens had a comfortable lead.

Well, they're doing it again:

There's a resident Ravens fan whose doing a pretty good job of shooting down their idiocy, but even he seems to have missed what happened. That play is going to happen every time (pretty much) that a defense overloads to the strong side to block the field goal. Harbaugh doesn't have to call it in: Koch is going to make the call on the field, and in the third quarter of a game you don't let off the gas.

The same thing will happen to the Steelers if they overload, and it happening the week before means it's unlikely the Steelers will try such a stunt when the Ravens try to kick a field goal.

I'm not a fan of running up the score, either, but putting points on the board in the third quarter isn't running up the score. Not in the NFL, anyway, where a Bills team rebounded from 32 points down in a playoff game against the Oilers to win.